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Duncan to Build New Maintenance Facility

By Tish Drake | July 2, 2012
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Duncan Aviation announced plans for a new maintenance hangar and facility to be built at its Lincoln, Neb., headquarters. Construction will begin this fall, the company said.

“We are still evaluating our current and future needs as well as the continued economic climate,” says Todd Duncan, chairman of Duncan Aviation. “The size of aircraft our customers are flying has continued to increase and, with the new paint facility, it is obvious that we need more room for accompanying maintenance, modifications and completions work that our clients will need.”

The new facility will likely include two hangar structures and three areas for office and backshop expansion. Not all of it will be completed during the initial phase, however.

“We would like to take advantage of construction and material costs and initially build the overall structure,” Duncan says. “We can then decide, based on a variety of internal and external factors, how much of it we need to finish when we open the first hangar and how much of it can wait for future phases.”

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