Curtiss-Wright Controls Forms Avionics & Electronics Division

By Tish Drake | March 14, 2012
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Curtiss-Wright Controls, based in Charlotte, N.C., announced the restructuring of its Integrated Sensing business group with the formation of the new Avionics & Electronics (CWC-AE) division. The new CWC-AE division, headquartered in Christchurch, U.K., is focused on the design and development of rugged data acquisition, recording, air data and controller sub-system solutions. The new division separates the Avionics & Electronics business from Integrated Sensing group (CWC-IS) under which it was formerly organized. The CWC-IS group, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., offers high-precision engineering specializing in the production of high-performance displacement transducers, including linear and rotary sensors. The formation of CWC-AE will enable Curtiss-Wright Controls to better serve customers in these market areas by providing superior service and support.

“We are excited about how the combined technologies and organizational reach of the new Avionics & Electronics division will enable us to provide more complete subsystem avionics solutions,” said David Adams, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. “Our vision is to own the sensor data management on aircraft and by combining the individual businesses in this focused division we are confident of achieving this goal.”

The formation of these separate divisions enables more focused customer interaction. Each division has an increased ability to provide its customers with the innovative products they require, thus minimizing their program risks and time to market. Moreover, each division can support its customers with research and development tied to end market applications.

“With CWC-IS we now have a globally integrated division focused on integrated sensor and control applications,” added Mr. Adams. “This additional scale will allow us to offer more advanced customer solutions while providing significant opportunities for production efficiencies.”

The CWC-AE division comprises four integrated business units: Autronics (US), Penny + Giles Avionics (U.K.), Acra (Ireland) and SES (U.K.). The division’s product range also includes modular COTS solutions ideal for flight testing, airborne recording, rugged computing and space applications. Highly customized control electronics are trusted for aircraft ice and fire protection systems. The group has 50 years of experience supplying compact and versatile crash protected recorders. CWC-AE core capabilities include certified system and software integration combined with market leading customer support.

The CWC-IS division comprises five integrated business units: Tempe and Long Island (U.S.), Stratford (Canada), Christchurch and Wales (U.K.) and a manufacturing facility in Nogales (Mexico). The division designs and develops precision, flight-critical low-powered actuation products, both rotary and linear, featuring gear heads, clutches, brakes, and integral position sensing. The group also supplies solenoids and valves used in hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel systems.

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