Qatar to Launch A350 Fleet with Telecom Services

By ds_user | September 13, 2011
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Qatar Airways of Doha, Qatar, announced Tuesday the airline will launch the Airbus A350XWB in 2013, equipped with OnAir’s, an on-board connectivity solutions provider, full cabin satellite-based communications suite installed as linefit, which will allow in-flight connectivity to come to fruition on commercial aircraft.

Passengers will be able to use their mobile devices for calls, text messaging, email and mobile data, as well as providing in-flight Internet access, which will be paid for by the individual passenger. 

“OnAir’s services are the first to be selected as linefit by an A350 operator,” said Ian Dawkins, OnAir’s CEO in a release. “It marks a continuation of our strategy to have our services available as a linefit option across Airbus and Boeing aircraft, as well as other aircraft types.”

The connectivity services, which will be deployed throughout the Qatar’s A350XWB fleet of 80 aircraft, will add to the installation of the services on Qatar Airways’ Airbust A320 and Boeing 787 fleets, according to OnAir. The telecoms services are already used by 12 airlines.

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