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Insitu Adds Inceptor to Its Line of UAS

By Tish Drake | August 5, 2011
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Boeing subsidiary Insitu, of Bingen, Wash., introduced Inceptor, a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS), saying the system will provide the public safety market with real-time video and stable, high-resolution imagery.

The short-range tactical rotorcraft system can fit in the trunk of a car and is easy to launch and recover in almost any environment. Inceptor is highly tolerant of sustained winds and wind gusts, achieving stable aerial imagery through an advanced onboard control system, the company said. Video imagery is transmitted to the handheld ground control station and distributed to decision makers for real-time viewing.

It weighs less than four pounds, hovers quietly overhead for more than 20 minutes and can patrol at speeds up to 24 mph. The operator uses a small portable control unit to command it to hover or fly in any direction at varying speeds.

“Inceptor will help first responders locate and identify natural and human public safety threats, keeping people out of harm’s way,” said Insitu Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ryan Hartman. “We’re excited to add a small rotorcraft to our family of field-proven unmanned systems.”

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