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Embraer Selects Honeywell CMS

By Tish Drake | May 19, 2011
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Embraer selected Honeywell’s Ovation Select Cabin Management System (CMS) for its new family of Legacy 450/500 jets.

Honeywell’s Ovation Select system enables in-flight connectivity, via passengers' personal devices. An additional updated feature is the 3-D high-definition moving map application JetMap HD, which allows passengers to view their flight path from up to 18 different perspectives and zoom in close on the terrain below. In addition to controlling the system’s entertainment and productivity components, Ovation Select also puts lighting, seats, temperature, galley and window shade controls. The system also provides surround sound audio, high-definition video and digital communication distribution throughout the cabin. The system is controlled by an icon-based, touch-screen interfaces. The Ovation Select is on track for a planned certification in July 2011, Honeywell said.

“The second generation Ovation Select digital cabin system delivers unprecedented connectivity to meet the expectations and needs of today’s business passenger,” said Rob Wilson, president of Honeywell Business and General Aviation. “Moreover, it is scalable to satisfy the growing bandwidth demands of tomorrow’s high-tech communication devices.”

Ovation Select is built on a digital architecture and Ethernet backbone. Honeywell said it has been tested to the current industry standard for greater resiliency of environmental and electromagnetic effects. The system architecture is scalable from general aviation aircraft up to and including air transport category business and personal aircraft.

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