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Mid-Continent Expands Repair Capabilities

By Tish Drake | February 2, 2011
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Mid-Continent Instruments, based in Wichita, Kan., announced Monday that it is expanding its weather radar capabilities, including calibration, overhaul, repair and exchange.

The company said it is "aggressively growing" its avionics repair capabilities and offering its customers factory-level support on legacy equipment, beginning with Bendix/King radars — the receiver and transmitter in the RDR 2000 and RDR 2100 digital weather radar systems. The capability for RDS series weather sensors, receivers and transmitters for the RDS81, -82, -84 and -86 solid-state weather radar systems will follow, the company said.

Mid-Continent also added an advanced environmental chamber to test the ART 2000/2100 to temperatures between -55°C and +77°C. Mid-Continent’s vacuum chamber tests radars at altitude ranges between -1,000 feet and 55,000 feet, minimizing the risk of RF arcing.

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