NAVAIR Delivers AV-8B Trainer to Marines

By Tish Drake | December 17, 2010
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Naval Aviation Training Systems program upgraded and delivered an AV-8B Radar Night Attack Weapons Systems Trainer (RNAWST) to the Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Ariz., in September, the Navy said Wednesday.This is the third of five AV-8B RNAWSTs being upgraded.

The simulator is a fully functional AV-8B Harrier cockpit used to train operational pilots. The device provides tactics training to Marine AV-8B aviators, in both basic and advanced flight missions, using day and night modes of operation, with an emphasis on the Radar Night Attack Weapon Systems. Pilots develop the skills and techniques involved with Vertical/Short Takeoff or Landing (V/STOL), as well as basic aircraft control and instrument flight procedures.

“Advanced training systems complement airborne training in the development of pilot skills and techniques,” said Capt. John Feeney, Naval Aviation Training Systems program manager. Additionally, Feeney said simulation and flight training integration helps aviators effectively fly the aircraft to its full performance.

The simulator, developed by Indra Systems in Orlando, Fla., provides a realistic environment for aviators to practice air-to-ground and air-to-air weapons execution and normal, degraded, and emergency mode operations for all AV-8B II+ Radar Night Attack aircraft systems.

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