Turkish Airlines to Use Jeppesen System

By Tish Drake | August 24, 2010
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Jeppesen signed a service agreement with Turkish Airlines to provide a crew tracking and manpower planning system.

Jeppesen said the crew management system provided will allow the airline to integrate powerful decision support throughout their entire crew management process, from long-term forecasting to day-of-flight operation. The Jeppesen manpower planning system is used for long-term planning of crew, to balance resources and to level peaks of demand. The crew tracking system will ensure efficient operation and cost control by implementing automatic problem detection, alert functionality and proposing solutions produced by performance analysis technology.

“Through our agreement with Jeppesen, we foresee significant improvement in our ability to manage day-of-flight operations and reduce crew planning disruptions,” said Adnan Metin, Turkish Airlines senior vice president, Corporate Development and CIO. “We also expect a positive effect on revenue from allowing more and later aircraft swaps, which increases our ability to adjust passenger capacity.”

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