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Comlux Selects OnAir System for A320

By Tish Drake | May 5, 2010
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Charter services company Comlux The Aviation Group will install OnAir’s inflight mobile communications service on its flagship Airbus A320 Prestige, the companies announced Tuesday. OnAir, a joint venture of SITA and Airbus, said the system will allow passengers to use mobile phones or BlackBerry-type devices to make and receive in-flight phone calls, send and receive emails and text messages, and access the Internet, via Inmarsat SwiftBroadband.

"Comlux passengers aboard this prestigious aircraft have a great need to stay connected at all times, so we are very pleased to enable them to do just that through OnAir voice and data connectivity services," said Benoit Debains, CEO of OnAir. "These are ideally suited for travellers’ preferred communications tools, such as mobile phones and BlackBerry-type devices."

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