Jade Cargo to Use Lufthansa Nav Charts

By Tish Drake | April 27, 2010
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Chinese airline Jade Cargo International has signed a contract to equip its cockpit crews with Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/RouteManual, the companies said Monday. The airline will implement the navigation charts by this summer, and the electronic version of the charts, Lido/eRouteManual, will be introduced at a later point in time.

Jade Cargo International has been using the Lido/FMS, the Lufthansa Systems navigation database service for Flight Management Systems (FMS) since 2006. Lido RouteManual charts are generated directly from the same database which contains worldwide geographical and aeronautical data. The charts include graphical representations of take-off and landing procedures as well as true-to-scale geographic information such as color-coded terrain features and rivers.

“We are impressed by the superior quality of the solution Lufthansa Systems has offered, which has been confirmed by recommendations from other airlines already using Lido RouteManual”, said Kay Kratky, CEO of Jade Cargo International. “Our pilots gave the very clear and easy-to-read design of the charts a high mark. The clear structure of the charts and the focus on the essential information improves situational awareness especially at times of high workload in the cockpit.”

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