Aeroflot Renews Use of Jeppesen Digital Charting

By Tish Drake | February 2, 2010
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Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen announced a five-year digital charting navigation service renewal agreement with Russian airline Aeroflot to provide e-Link, electronic flight bag (EFB), weather and NOTAM services and OpsData aircraft performance analysis systems. Aeroflot uses Jeppesen EFB Class 1 applications and the Web-based e-Link charting service, which is presented in a Windows operating environment.

“Jeppesen helps us to smoothly make the transition from paper-based information to electronic services that can be fully integrated across our company,” said Anatoly Yakimchuk, director, Aeroflot Flight Operations Department. “The combination of digital EFB and e-Link charting allows Aeroflot to process data more efficiently. And, we hope that what we implement today will be part of a long term electronic information management strategy.”

The Jeppesen OpsData system included in the agreement provides analysis of takeoff and landing performance and tailored airport departure procedures. According to Jeppesen, the data allows Aeroflot to maximize aircraft payload and comply with regulatory requirements, and the digital weather and NOTAM information provides the airline with timely flight-critical data.

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