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West Star Completes Lear 60 Avionics Install

By Tish Drake | May 18, 2009
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West Star Aviation, of Grand Junction, Colo., completed the installation of various avionics systems on a Lear 60. The installation included the Dual Universal UNS-1Ew Flight Management Systems with WAAS (West Star STC), L3 GH-3100 solid state standby altitude/airspeed and vertical speed indicator (West Star STC), Dual Rockwell Collins RTU-4220 Radio Tuning Units, Universal MFD-980 with ASU (Application File Server) (Stevens STC), and WSI Satellite Weather system. The Universal MFD-890 gives the pilots great situational awareness with Jeppview charts for departure, arrival and taxi information. WSI satellite weather is also displayed to give the pilots in-flight weather graphics with TFRs and NextRad. The Universal UNS-1Ew’s allow the pilots to shoot a WAAS LPV approach with ceiling minimums of 250’ with visibility of ½ mile.

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