Panasonic Signs Licensing Agreement

By Tish Drake | July 9, 2008
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Panasonic Avionics, Lake Forest, Calif., signed a technology licensing agreement with VT iDirect, Inc., Herndon, Va, under which Panasonic will license iDirect’s satellite IP router technology as a component of its eXConnect in-flight satellite transmission platform. Panasonic eXConnect provides two-way broadband connectivity for passenger and crew applications, including Internet access, live video programming and critical flight information reporting and monitoring. Panasonic said the iDirect waveform diffuses the transmission of satellite bandwidth while maintaining a high data rate, which dramatically conserves satellite space segment and lowers bandwidth costs for airlines. “The core capabilities for in-flight broadband have existed for years, but until recently they were far too inefficient and costly for airlines to operate profitably. iDirect has developed new technologies for the satellite industry to overcome mobile broadband challenges. Today, a powerful combination of next-generation capabilities from Panasonic, Intelsat and iDirect will soon make broadband connectivity a vital new dimension of air travel,” David Bettinger, chief technology officer, iDirect. For related news

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