Jeppesen Software Approved for EFB Application

By Tish Drake | March 24, 2008
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Jeppesen, based in Englewood, Colo., was granted FAA TSO approval for its Airport Moving Map application for Class 2 Electronic Flight Bags (EFB). The application, the company said, uses a database to render maps of airport surfaces and using GPS technology can show pilots their position on the surface. The Airport Moving Map application has been in use on Class 3 EFBs for almost five years now. This TSO, the company said, allows the application to be used a larger number of aircraft. Jeppesen said it is working with a number of major North American carriers to begin deployments on Class 2 EFB. This month, the company said it plans to deliver the TSO-approved software to begin integration on the Continental Airlines EFB system provided by NavAero. The integration is expected to last two months, Jeppesen said.

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