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Universal WAAS-Enabled FMS Wins STC

By Tish Drake | March 12, 2008
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Universal Avionics Systems Corp. was issued a FAA Part 25 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its wide area augmentation system (WAAS)-enabled Flight Management System (FMS). Universal said it is the only avionics manufacturer to obtain an STC for WAAS-FMS with LPV approach capability on transport category aircraft. The company said the WAAS-FMS allows operators of transport category aircraft to fly Lateral Precision with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches. Currently, 1028 LPV approaches exist, and FAA plans to add an additional 300 per year. The system, Universal said, allows pilots to fly to ILS-like minimums at airports without an ILS approach, or in inclement weather. More importantly, with the WAAS-FMS upgrade, pilots can fly precision approaches with RNP-like accuracy of 0.3 NM and minima as low as 200 ft without special operational approval from the FAA. “There are many advantages of precision approaches, but what it really comes down to is knowing that you can rely on a system that will enable you to nail your approach every time,” said Universal Marketing Vice President Dan Reida.

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