Honeywell to Provide Airbus ATSAW System 

By Tish Drake | February 20, 2008
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Honeywell signed a contract with Airbus to provide an Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness (ATSAW) system for certification on A320 single-aisle and A330/A340 widebody aircraft. The contract, covering both new-build and retrofit aircraft, is valued at up to $14 million over five years. Airbus initiated the ATSAW program to validate the ability of pilots to receive information on surrounding aircraft as well as ground vehicles on the airport surface. The program is a step toward airborne traffic separation using Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) position reporting. In a press release issued at the Singapore Air Show, Honeywell said its ATSAW solution will provide pilots with more information on surrounding air traffic and allow them to better plan oceanic flight-level changes to reduce fuel burn. The system will provide enhanced visual separation on approach, allowing for higher volumes of landing aircraft. “Honeywell sees great potential in traffic situational awareness technology to improve safety in the air and on runways, even as congestion increases,” said Garrett Mikita, Honeywell president of air transport and regional business. “In addition, this ATSAW technology offers the operators fuel savings, which is helpful to their bottom line and the environment.”

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