Carson: Aerospace Must Shape Environmental Image

By Tish Drake | June 18, 2007
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Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Scott E. Carson delivered a bullish forecast of the aerospace market Monday, but said the industry must take charge of its environmental image by working collaboratively to reduce emissions. "A year ago, many believed if you complied with environmental laws that was sufficient," Carson told reporters gathered at the Paris Air Show. Now, however, with the debate over emissions growing in Europe, the aerospace industry "has an obligation to help shape the public message ... help guide rational regulation." He identified air-traffic control improvements as the "lowest-hanging fruit" to drive efficiencies. Carson said operators, airframers, engine manufacturers and regulators should collaborate through existing structures, including the International Air Transport Association and International Civil Aviation Organization to carry out environmental improvements. Boeing has created an office of environmental management reporting to the company's chief technology officer. Carson's comments came against a backdrop of projected, sustained growth in aircraft sales. Boeing projects a $2.6 trillion market over the next 20 years, for 27,200 airplanes. Boeing currently has a backlog of $188 billion, with orders of the 777 and 787 representing 59 percent.  However, "the response to all products is strong," including the 737 and 747. The 787 Dreamliner is scheduled to roll out July 8 -- or 7/8/07 -- with the first flight slated for late August or September. "It's always been in that kind of a window," Carson said of the date. "We don't schedule a first flight on a date specific. ... The airplane is going to fly, frankly, when it's ready." 

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