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Raytheon Completes UAE ATC Milestone

By Tish Drake | May 29, 2007
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Raytheon said it completed the critical design review milestone on the General Civil Aviation Authority of United Arab Emirates AutoTrac III contract, which aims to replace UAE’s aging enroute system with a new air-traffic management system. Raytheon was awarded a contract the September 2006. "The critical design review milestone marks the acceptance of overall system design, including the definition of external interfaces, new software development requirements and final hardware configuration," said Riis Johnasen, director of projects and planning of General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). "There is still a lot of work ahead, but we are confident that Raytheon and the GCAA will continue this success story." Raytheon's AutoTrac III will be installed in the new Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center, Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi. AutoTrac III provides software and hardware to ensure safety for 16 airspace sectors in the area control center and 10 in the emergency area control center. The system, with its open architecture design, is fully adaptable and scaleable to any air-traffic management environment, ranging from a simple tower automation application to a fully integrated national, multi-center system, Raytheon said.

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