BAE IR Technology on Cueing System

By Tish Drake | May 22, 2007
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BAE Systems was named sensor subcontractor for Raytheon Technical Services’ Shared Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP) Target Cueing System demonstration. Under a $2.3 million contract with Raytheon, BAE Systems will use its Spectral Infrared Imaging Technology Testbed (SPIRITT) high-altitude hyperspectral technology to detect, classify and identify camouflaged and concealed targets based on their spectral signature. BAE said hyperspectral imaging extracts unique spectral data from hundreds of visible to infrared wavelengths to detect objects based on their material composition. SHARP will provide a high-resolution, digital tactical air reconnaissance capability with advanced day/night and all-weather capability. It will be demonstrated on an F/A-18E/F aircraft in the first application of hyperspectral technology on a tactical fighter.

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