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Southwest, Naverus Ink RNP Pact

By Tish Drake | May 17, 2007
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Southwest Airlines, Dallas, and Naverus, Kent, Wash., signed an agreement to partner on development of the airline¹s Required Navigation Performance (RNP) program.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Following FAA approval to conduct RNP operations, Southwest and Naverus will work with the FAA, Air Traffic Controllers, and airport communities to develop and implement tailored approach and departure procedures at each of the airports Southwest serves.

"We discovered how Tailored RNP can be used for more than just terrain-challenged airports. By using it everywhere we’ll unlock the tremendous capabilities of modern avionics, maximizing our investment in new aircraft and equipment," said Mike Van de Ven, Southwest executive vice president and chief of operations.

In April, FAA authorized Naverus to be an RNP procedure developer, becoming the first organization identified by the FAA for services needed for implementation of an RNP program. More

And last week, Southwest announced plans to equip its entire fleet with RNP capabilities, becoming the largest airline to date to announce such plans. More

Tailored RNP procedures reduce fuel consumption, improve safety and minimize emissions and noise while simultaneously taking advantage of the high-performance characteristics that exist in an airline’s fleet. RNP is also a key component to the FAA¹s Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen.

"Southwest, the perennial leader in airline efficiency, is embarking on a revolutionary new flight operations philosophy that will put them in a whole new league," said Dan Gerrity, CEO of Naverus.

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