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By | February 1, 2006
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Web-Based Flight Tracking

ADS and Satamatics, UK and U.S. satcom companies, have launched a low-overhead flight following and messaging service called SAT 111. Based on Inmarsat's satellite network, SAT 111 is being promoted for helicopter operations such as search and rescue, emergency medical services, policing and fire fighting.

Two of the systems already are being used by Swiss operator, Helog Lufttransport, which has flown helicopters on UN humanitarian missions in Sudan's Darfur war zone, according to a Satamatics release. The units improved the operator's effectiveness, the release says.

Under the service ADS ships customers the 5-pound (2.5-kg) SAT 111 subsystem and antenna, and registers them on its Web site. Operators don't install tracking software on their computers. Rather, they log on to the tracking Web site, whose server and applications are managed by the two firms.

SAT 111 is night vision goggle-compatible and supports messaging through a personal digital assistant (PDA), which also can function as a backup GPS device. The PDA can be used to communicate estimated times of arrival and diversions, as well as to monitor items such as undercarriage retraction and weight on wheels.

Little training is required to operate the onboard equipment, Satamatics asserts, adding, "The switches are logically labeled and the menus are self-explanatory." The satellite data unit, amplifier and antenna are shipped in one delivery. Visit and

PC Radar

UK-based, Kinetic Avionic Products Ltd. has introduced "virtual radar on a PC." Its SBS-1 uses a lightweight Mode S/automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) receiver to decode aircraft transponder signals, detecting and tracking transmitting aircraft at ranges of up to 250 nautical miles. Connected to a PC running Kinetic software, SBS-1 enables the computer to display a "virtual radar screen," indicating the position and details of aircraft within range. The initial product is meant for low-cost training and aviation enthusiasts, but is the baseline for follow-on products. The SBS-2, for example, which the company plans to launch this month, has the potential to improve flight safety at small airfields that cannot afford a full radar installation. The SBS-1 receiver connects to a laptop computer via universal serial bus (USB) or Ethernet/802.11b wireless. The configuration also includes a magnetic-mounted, external antenna. Visit

Ethernet Card

PGE2, a dual-port Gigabit Ethernet PCI mezzanine card (PMC), has been introduced by Curtiss-Wright controls Embedded Computing, San Diego, Calif. Featuring an Intel 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet controller, the board interoperates with legacy 10/100BaseTX networks. Curtiss-Wright offers the PMC card in air- and conduction-cooled versions, supporting either single or dual 10/100/1000BaseTX, using standard RJ-45 connectors or optical 1000BaseLX interfaces with LC-type fiber connectors. Visit

High-Temp Material

CPS Corp. is offering its AlSiC (aluminum silicon carbide) metal matrix composite as a solution for high-power and high-temperature military electronics products, meeting the European Union's restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) directive. AlSiC's coefficient of thermal expansion matches the qualities needed by military power electronics, microwave electronic packaging, and carrier plates in phased array radar assemblies, according to CPS. Visit

Radar Bus Card

A new ARINC 708 weather data bus card from Condor Engineering simultaneously supports two 708 channels, each channel operating as an independent transmitter or receiver with programmable frame size and buffer storage capacity. The PMC interface module features frame time tagging, sweep scheduling, programmable frame gap duration, short/long frame and start/stop synch error injection. Visit

Automatic Tester

Tech S.A.T's ADS2 integration testing product--the system integration bench (SIB)--will support time-triggered protocol (TTP), the company announced. The ADS2 equipment already is used with avionics full-duplex switched (AFDX) Ethernet, ARINC 429 and Mil-Std-1553 applications. Visit

Signal Generator

Novatech Instruments, Seattle, Wash., has introduced the Model 440A, 400-MHz direct digital synthesizer signal source. This shielded table-top instrument produces sine waves programmable from 200 KHz to 400 MHz in 1-Hz increments. The output signal's relative phase can be set to 14-bit resolution or 0.022 degree. The unit produces a low-phase noise sine wave usable as a test source in radar simulation. Visit

Satcom Antenna

TECOM Industries' HGA-2100 high gain satcom antenna was the subject of a long-term purchase agreement between the Thousand Oaks, Calif., company, a unit of the UK's Smiths Group, and Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The collaborative effort's focus is on the high-gain antenna requirement for the Boeing 787. The HGA-2100 supports voice safety services and cabin connectivity, including Internet access, fax and e-mail. It measures 2 inches (5.1 cm) high, 14.4 inches (36.6 cm) wide and 41 inches (104 cm) long, weighs 22 pounds (10 kg) and incorporates a beam steering unit. TECOM also has completed a 24-by-24-by-6-inch (61-by-61-by-15-cm) phased array antenna able to scan +/-60 degrees in azimuth while it remains in a fixed pattern in the elevation plane. This unit, intended for military, security and wireless com applications, provides gain of 12 to 20 dBiL and operates over a 2.5:1 frequency bandwidth. Visit


The Defense Supply Center Columbus (Ohio) recently approved Tyco Electronics' Mil-Dtl-24308 connectors with zinc plating. D-subminiature in size, the components are intended for input/output (I/O) power, signal and coaxial wire, and cable connections. The units are compliant with the European Union's restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) directive and suitable where cadmium and tin plating are not desired, according to the company. Visit

Control Knobs

UK-based Paramount Panels will be the European distributor of U.S. control knob manufacturer, Electronic Hardware Corp. The product portfolio includes transilluminated knobs, nonilluminated knobs and mechanical devices such as micro verniers, reduction drives, clutch knobs and push-to-turn locking knobs. Paramount supplies its own range of illuminated information panels for flight deck systems. Visit

Data Acquisition

The ICS-645D, a new data acquisition card from Radstone Embedded Computing, expands the capability of the company's ICS-645 PCI product by increasing the amount of storage and available input/output (I/O) bandwidth over PCI or front panel data port (FPDP). An onboard programmable clock source also eliminates the need for auxiliary timing sources. Visit


Gage Applied Technologies, Lockport, Ill., has announced the Octopus family of multichannel digitizers, expected to be available early next year. The modular product line includes the following:

*Two to eight digitizing channels on a single card;
*12- or 14-bit resolution;
*10- to 125-MS/s sampling rate per channel; and
*256 Mbytes to 4 Gbytes of onboard acquisition memory.


Vibration Meter

Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., Woodlyn, Pa., has introduced a handheld vibration meter, the model VM-300, which includes a piezoelectric accelerometer and a charge amplifier input stage for added stability. A low-voltage lockout circuit prevents erroneous readings from a low battery, and an automatic 10-minute timeout during battery operation prevents unintentional power drain.Visit

GIII display

Universal Avionics dealer, IFR Avionics, of Van Nuys, Calif., will complete and certify a four-panel Universal EFI-890R display on a Gulfstream GIII, a first on this type of business aircraft. The unit provides an 8.9-inch diagonal area for primary flight display and navigation display applications. It supports both analog and digital aircraft systems. Universal's terrain awareness warning system (TAWS-A) unit will be certified as part of the package. Visit

Data Acquisition

NAT Seattle and Star Navigation Systems have partnered to provide a data acquisition, monitoring and transmission system for airlines. The In-Flight Safety Monitoring System (ISMS) includes NAT Seattle's JetLAN airborne server unit, satcom receiver/transmitter, and antenna with Star Navigations ISMS software. The automatic system, independent of flight crew management, acquires data on flight parameters such as:

*Airspeed, heading, pitch and roll; engine data and position information from the flight data recorder;
*Position reporting, destination information and crew flight time tracking from the flight management system; and
*Cabin and cockpit information from the air data system.

Visit and

Switching Chassis

New from Pickering Interfaces is the 60-100 LXI switching chassis, which enables up to 13 Pickering 3U switching modules to be controlled over a standardized Ethernet interface. A second Pickering product, the 60-200, is an AC power sequencer, which allows test systems to be turned on or off in a controlled manner from a single switch. Visit

Crimp Tool

A mobile wire crimping tool from Waytek Inc., Chanhassen, Minn., features removable, interchangeable crimp dies. The tool was designed to give the user full visibility of the crimping process. The 1-pound (0.5-kg) unit is available for $36.72.

Watek recently added type-SEOOW arctic ultraflex blue service cord to its wire and cable product line. Suitable for up to 600 volts, the cord can be used in temperatures ranging from -58 to 221 degrees F. Visit

Training Device

Aviation Supplies & Academics, Newcastle, Wash., has introduced an FAA-approved training device (ATD), the On Top Basic ATD, which adds the ability to log additional time after the initial instrument rating is complete. The loggable training device can be used for private pilot training and for maintaining instrument currency requirements. Visit

Class II EFB

Chicago-based navAero Inc. has achieved supplemental type certification (STC) of its t-Bag C22 electronic flight bag (EFB) as a Class II system on a Boeing B737-800 aircraft for Miami Air International. Loaded with Jeppesen Class I/II EFB software, the equipment allows the carrier to move toward an all-electronic charting solution. The carrier also plans to use the EFB for performance calculations. The unit uses an Intel Pentium M processor running under the Windows or Linux operating system. the EFB also can host applications such as video suveillance, automated security, a document library and data communications functions. Visit

Interference Testing

National Technical Systems (NTS) Inc., based in Calabasas, Calif., has equipped its facilities in Boxborough, Mass., Fullerton, Calif., and Plano, Texas, to handle high-level electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing of avionics systems. The multiyear upgrade includes several new 7,000-cubic-foot shielded rooms, high-end signal generators and radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers with frequency outputs from 10 KHz to 40 GHz. NTS says it can test equipment to Mil-Std-461 and RTCA DO-160, including navigation and control systems, airborne weapons platforms and communication systems, unmanned air vehicles and smart munitions. Visit

Data Card

A 32-channel data acquisition card will join the line-up of ICS, a unit of Radstone Embedded Computing, Ottawa, Canada. An extension of the company's ICS-645C product, the full-length PCI card combines analog-to-digital conversion, gain and anti-alias filtering. Other features include differential inputs and four voltage ranges. The 64/66 PCI interface provides sustained data rates of 400 Mbytes/s. Visit

Data Acquisition

NAT Seattle and Star Navigation Systems have teamed to introduce a data acquisition, monitoring and transmission system to the airline industry. NAT Seattle's JetLAN hardware includes an onboard server, satcom receiver, transmitter and antenna, and associated cabling. Star Navigation's In-Flight Safety Monitoring System (ISMS) provides in-flight data monitoring and diagnostics, using a real-time secure connection between the aircraft and the ground. Visit and

RVSM Approval

S-TEC, a unit of Meggitt/PLC based in Mineral Wells, Texas, has obtained approval for Conquest IIs fitted with its Magic 2100 digital flight control system to fly in reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) airspace. The Magic 2100 digital flight control system includes a glass panel and full-function autopilot. Visit

ATC Primer

"Understanding ATC--An Instrument Pilot's Perspective," a DVD intended to help pilots take full advantage of air traffic control (ATC) services, is available from Sporty's, Batavia, Ohio. Visit

Wire Stripper

Chicago-based Klein Tools has introduced an automatic wire stripper for 16025 AWG tefzel and teflon insulated, solid and stranded wire. An adjustable wire stop allows uniform stripping lengths. Visit

RTOS Support

Condor Engineering's Bus Tools/1553 application programming interface (API) now supports Green Hills Software's Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS). Visit

Historical Manuals, a division of Rare Aviation, has made historic pilot manuals, operating handbooks, flight and aircraft manuals available though the Web site

Test Software

National Instruments, Austin, Texas, has introduced its NI LabWindows/CVI version 8.0, an ANSI C environment for test and automation. The softwaare provides configuration templates for Intel, Microsoft and Borland optimizing compilers. Visit


Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, Pa., has announced the Z-Pack Max connector, for higher signal speed and density in backplane applications. It performs at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Visit

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