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By | December 1, 2005
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LED Lighting

Emteq Cabin and Lighting Systems, New Berlin, Wis., has announced its patent-pending Fluorescent Tube Replacement, which allows operators to replace the fluorescent tubes in their aircraft with light emitting diode (LED) lighting. The replacement units use the same pin design; no ballasts or new mounting fixtures are required. The benefits of the Fluorescent Tube Replacement, according to Emteq, are lower-cost installation and maintenance, minimum installation time, and no bulb flickering, breakage or special disposal. It was designed especially for commercial aircraft equipped with traditional lighting. Visit

Web Source

Knovel Corp., New York, and GlobalSpec, Troy, N.Y., have announced a partnership that has Knovel’s collection of interactive reference books from more than 30 publishers indexed within GlobalSpec’s vertical search engine, the Engineering Web. According to the two companies, the Engineering Web "will peer deep into Knovel’s database" to yield detailed results to technical queries. When a search is performed, Knovel subscribers will be taken to the page of the book yielding their results. Visit and

GPS Receivers

Interstate Electronics Corp., an L-3 Communications company based in Anaheim, Calif., announced it is producing GPS receivers that feature its next-generation FaSTAP antijamming technology and its integrated GPS/inertial navigation systems for guided munitions, missiles and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The units consume 11 watts. Visit

Training DVD

Sporty’s has re-edited and digitally remastered the content on its Instrument Rating Course on interactive DVD. With graphics animation it presents the latest changes in technologies and regulations in a course that prepares pilots for their written, oral and flight tests for instrument ratings. Visit

Butt Connector

Waytek Inc., Chanhassen, Minn., now offers its Hydra-Link in-line butt connector for multiple wires. The connector enables putting two wires in one end and a single wire of the same gauge in the other end. Visit

Communications Interface

EDMO Distributors Inc., Spokane, Wash., now makes available the Flightcell Pro communications interface, designed to allow the integration of audio or communications devices into an aircraft. Flightcell Pro provides a portable, multilink communications hub for high-noise environments; this is to enable the operation of handheld satellite phones (including the M9505 Iridium phone), standard cell phones, handheld radios, audio devices (iPod/CD/MP3 player) and laptop computers in an environment in which these devices might otherwise not be usable. Power options include 9 to 32 volts DC from aircraft power or an internal rechargeable battery with 110-volt or 22-volt wall charger. Visit

Delay Line Instrument

Dow-Key Microwave’s newest product is the 8001 programmable delay line instrument, which offers wideband electrical signal delay and precision programmable control in one instrument. It was designed for research and development and for automatic test equipment that requires high precision delay with programmable control in timing and synchronization, phase shifting and noise-cancellation applications. The instrument control supports general purpose interface bus (GPIB–IEEE488.2), Ethernet transmission control/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and RS-232 interface protocols. Dow-Key Microwave is based in Ventura, Calif. Visit

Debrief Station

TEAC Aerospace Technologies Inc., Montebello, Calif., has introduced a standalone portable, digital debrief station (DDS), designed for after-action review of multiple-channel video recordings from aircraft or ground vehicles. The application-specific PC is self-contained, with two built-in, 19-inch liquid crystal displays. The new DDS can incorporate the TEAC mission data debrief software or the enhanced 3D mission playback, using the TEAC MDDS Pro software for controlling the display and synchronization of video and data. The central processing unit runs Pentium 4, 3.2-GHz hyper-threading dual processors supported by 2 Gbytes of unbuffered RAM and 256 Mbytes of video graphics RAM. Visit

Single Board Computer

A new ruggedized single board computer (SBC) that uses Motorola’s new Tundra Tsi148 VMEbus interface chip has been developed by Aitech Defense Systems Inc., Chatsworth, Calif. The C6100 offers support for dual PCI mezzanine cards and provides an open standard for input/output (I/O) expansion. The Motorola chip enables the new board’s VMEbus to run at a practical bandwidth of 320 Mbits/s in most applications. The C6100 can be installed into any IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooled VME chassis or ANSI/VITA 1-1994 standard air-cooled chassis. Visit

Signal Generator

Walnut, Calif.-based Interface Technology Inc. has unveiled a new VXI-based intermediate frequency (IF) signal generator, designed for generating multiple phase-coherent signals in the IF ranges, testing tracking radar systems, or general-purpose test applications. The IFG line of generators operates with a rated bandwidth in the 10- to 100-MHz range. The new IF signal generator can operate standalone, or up to four modules can be synchronized to provide up to 16 individual or phase-coherent output channels. It is packaged as a C-1 VXI module and offers either two (IFG200) or four (IFG400) independent output channels with individual control of signal parameters and either individual or common signal gating. Visit

Development Tool

Green Hills Software, Santa Barbara, Calif., and I-Logix, Andover, Mass., have announced a strategic partnership that has resulted in the introduction of a single-source, standards-based integrated development environment (IDE) meant to address all phases of embedded systems development. Under an agreement between the two firms, Green Hills will distribute and support the I-Logix Rhapsody model-driven development environment with its own MULTI and AdaMULTI development environments and the POSIX-conformant Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS). These products are integrated to enable a bidirectional workflow between modeling and implementation. Visit and


A new line of rugged connectors, designated HyperRel, has been introduced by Hypertronics Corp., Hudson, Mass. HyperRel connectors feature Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology embedded in Mil-C-38999 Series III-style shells. The connectors are available in both metal and composite shell types. The Hypertac contact technology offers a contact sleeve that is formed by wires strung at an angle to the socket’s axis. When the pins are inserted into the sleeve, the wires stretch around it, providing linear contact paths. Visit

Graphics Controller

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has added to its Atlas family of dual-channel PCI mezzanine card (PMC) graphics controllers. The AtlasPMC/2 unit combines video, RGB and DVI input, and multimedia features such as dual-head analog or DVI output display, stereo audio input/output (I/O) and an onboard USB 2.0 controller. The single-card product uses ATI Technologies’ Radeon Mobility 9000 (M9) mobile graphics processor and employs a host bus interface that uses a 32/64-bit PCI/PCI-X bridge, enabling onboard components to operate at their top speed. Visit

Air Data Computer

Swiss avionics manufacturer, Revue Thommen, recently announced its AC32 digital air data computer, which is compatible with the Chelton Flight Systems electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and terrain awareness warning system (TAWS). The AC32 will allow flight in reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) airspace and will provide air data crucial to terrain avoidance. Visit

Software Option

Component Control, San Diego, has reached an agreement with New York-based CAMP Systems International to offer the option of integrating the Web-based CAMP maintenance management software with its Quantum Control aviation enterprise resource planning (ERP) product. This will, according to Component Control officials, allow Quantum Control users to utilize CAMP’s maintenance management services while employing the ERP system for logistical management of the shop. It also is designed to help users increase regulatory compliance by providing real-time Internet access to maintenance specifications, revisions, service bulletins and airworthiness directives for specific aircraft. Visit and

Satcom Antenna

A high-gain antenna that supports Inmarsat Aero H, H+, Swift64 and SwiftBroadband satellite communications has been developed by CMC Electronics, Montreal. Called SatLite, the top-mounted antenna with integrated beam steering unit is based on the architecture used in the company’s CMA-2102 high-gain antenna. The new antenna system is compatible with new-generation ARINC 781 and legacy ARINC 741 terminal equipment. Developed for business jets, regional and narrowbody aircraft, SatLite measures 2.6 inches (6.7 cm) high, 40 inches (101.3 cm) long and 13 inches (33.3 cm) wide, and weighs 16.7 pounds (7.6 kg). Visit

Satcom System

Thales now offers its TopFlight satellite communications system, which allows passengers in business aircraft to safely use roaming-enabled cellular phones and wireless high-speed Internet technology while airborne. With the system’s satellite data unit (SDU), using Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband service, passengers can send e-mails or surf the Web with a portable electronic device (PED) or laptop computer. The Topflight satcom system offers data capacity of up to 432 Kbits/s per channel, supporting up to two channels simultaneously. The 22-pound (10-kg) SDU is housed in a single 6-MCU enclosure and requires a minimal 28-volt power supply. TopFlight is adapted for antenna systems compliant with ARINC 781. Visit

Development Software

The Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) and Green Hills Software have announced that the latest version of CRC’s SCARI++ software suite is now available with the Integrity operating system. SCARI++ is used to build software communications architecture (SCA) -based software defined radio systems. Previous versions of the suite included a core framework based on Linux. Visit and

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