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By | February 1, 2004
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Thermal Analysis Software

Dynamic Soft Analysis Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., now offers BETAsoft, designed to be much faster than other thermal analysis software, which can require 20 to 30 minutes to analyze a board. It saves time during electronics design projects by considering more sophisticated modeling concepts, such as finite difference scheme with locally defined meshes, semi-empirical heat transfer correlations, and layered board conduction. BETAsoft thus can analyze a board with more than 400 components on a 800-MHz PC in just 20 seconds. Visit

Flight Planner with Moving Map

Jeppesen recently announced version 9 of FliteStar and FliteMap, its flight planner and moving map applications, respectively. Enhancements in version 9 include the ability to download and graphically display temporary flight restriction NOTAMs (notices to airmen). It also features the display of cloud bases in profile view, winds aware routing, a new radio frequency report, improved terrain depiction, and enhancements in fuel planning and aircraft modeling. The winds aware routing was designed to optimize a flight for time, fuel and distance, both vertically and horizontally, based on forecast winds aloft data. The FliteStar/FliteMap 9's radio communications report offers access to communication and navigation frequencies for a planned route. Visit

Fuel System Safety Device

Crane Aerospace & Electronics recently was granted two patents for its SAFEtrip ground fault interrupter, a device to enhance fuel safety by reducing damage from high-current ground faults and the potential of fuel vapor ignition. Compatible with special federal regulation (SFAR) 88, SAFEtrip comes in both plug-and-play and stand-alone configurations. It can be retrofitted to aircraft fuel systems and includes GFI (general format identifier) electronics with power control relay, protection for AC or DC loads, and a design requiring no additional input or power source for installation. Visit

Communication Management System

The CMS-1000 communication management system made by Seattle-based Pentar Avionics recently received technical standard order (TSO) C113 approval. The CMS-1000 includes an ARINC 740 communications management unit and VHF digital link (VDL) Mode 2 radio in a panel-mount control display unit. It gives flight crews access to aircraft communications, addressing and reporting system (ACARS) and non-ACARS networks for messaging, as well as to air traffic services, weather and other services. The software is database-driven and has input/output (I/O) to interface to aircraft systems. Visit

CANbus Application Developer's Kit

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Green Hills Software Inc. now offers a royalty-free controller area network (CAN) bus application developer's kit, made available through the company's partnership with Steinhoff Automation. Initially on hand for the Motorola Scalable CAN architecture, the developer's kit consists of the CAN driver and C-API service call library for Green Hills' Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS), along with examples in source code. The architecture is integrated on the mobileGT MPC5200 embedded processor and is supported on both the lite5200 and Total5200 reference systems, available from Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector. Steinhoff plans additional CAN controller support for Integrity, as well. Visit and

Cabin Server

Honeywell recently introduced the CabinLAN II, a modified cabin server, which acts as the communications gateway between the high-speed data (HSD) system and user devices on aircraft. It provides 128 kilobits/sec (Kbits/s) air-to-ground transfer rates and on-board wired or wireless file and equipment sharing. Passengers utilize the system by connecting to the onboard Ethernet ports or inserting a wireless access card. They can make use of conference applications such as Windows NetMeeting and video conferencing to share files and hold meetings with remote users. The system uses Inmarsat's satellite constellation and ground infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Honeywell and Thales Avionics have completed testing of the HS-702 high-speed data system, which provides up to 128 Kbits/sec voice, fax or data connections worldwide. The HS-702 is a follow-on product to the 64-Kbit/sec HS-700 unit. Visit and

6-Pin DIP Commercial Relay

A solid state, plastic, 6-pin DIP (dual inline package) commercial relay, the Series C63, has been introduced by Teledyne Relays, Hawthorne, Calif. The 1-amp, 60-volt DC relay features short-circuit/overload protection, optical isolation, and low off-state leakage current. It also features a surface-mount package called the SC63. The C63 and SC63 come with identical mechanical specifications, except for pin lengths. Visit

FBO Directories

Two new editions of the Airport/FBO Directory one covering North America and the other referencing airports and fixed-based operators outside North America–have been published by Primedia Business Directories & Books, Overland Park, Kan. The directories are designed to give corporate aircraft operators a reference to such information as airport traffic information system (ATIS) frequencies and phone numbers, U.S. Customs locations, airport identifiers and VORs, flight service station and tower phone numbers, and contact information for charter, catering and limousine services. The international edition adds such information as clearance and over-flight requirements. Each directory costs $34.95. Visit

Health Monitoring Software

Two companies, SmartSignal Corp. and AeroMechanical Services Ltd., have joined to offer real-time engine and aircraft monitoring software designed for the regional and business jet markets. Tail-specific maintenance strategies based on engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) health can be achieved with AeroMechanical Service's airborne autonomous flight information collection and reporting system (AFIRS) and UpTime system records, along with SmartSignal's Equipment Condition Monitoring (eCM) software. AFIRS relays monitoring data from the airplane to UpTime via satellite. The data then is delivered securely to the operator's facilities via the Internet. Visit

Data Debrief Software

Digital Mission Data Debrief (MDD) software that, with a personal computer or ruggedized portable workstation, can be used to review and analyze missions without delay has been introduced by TEAC America, Montebello, Calif. The Windows-compatible MDD software allows enhanced hot debrief capabilities for after action reviews, bomb hit assessments, reconnaissance, and training missions. It provides automatic synchronized playback control of digital MPEG video files and instant access to user-defined time and event marks. Debriefing is controlled using a keyboard, mouse or infrared remote control unit, such as are employed with VCRs. Visit

Label Printer

Cleveland-based Kroy LLC now offers its new K4100 desktop label printer, which can be connected to a personal computer for customized label, wire wrap and shrink tube applications. Priced at $299.99, it features auto-sizing, fast response and print speeds, scalable and downloadable fonts, and print resolution of 300 dpi. The K4100 is comparable to Kroy's 5100 handheld portable printer and shares the same cartridge system. Visit

Charge Amplifier

Columbia Research Laboratories, Woodlyn, Pa., now offers a new charge amplifier, the Model 4601, which functions as a signal conditioner for a digital, electrical accelerometer. The unit features 500mV/pC maximum sensitivity mV/pc standing for millivolts per pico Coulomb, a measure of electrical charge. Model 4601 also features dual outputs (fixed and adjustable) and a built-in meter and overload indicator. Visit

Power Supply System

Agilent Technologies Inc. Palo Alto, Calif., has introduced a 1U high, multiple-output, programmable DC power supply system. The Agilent N6700 was designed to give test system designers the flexibility to mix and match from 13 different DC power modules to create a 1- to 4-channel DC power system. It has no top or bottom air vents, so other instruments can be stacked above and below the N6700. Visit

Torque Transducer Display

Buffalo, N.Y.-based Magtrol has introduced its new Model 3400 torque transducer display, designed for use with the company's TM, TMHS and TMB in-line torque transducers. The Model 3400 powers the transducer and uses high-speed digital processing to display torque, speed and mechanical power. It includes a vacuum fluorescent display, metric and SI measurement selections, isolated RS-232 interface, closed-box calibration of torque, built-in test equipment, overload indication, and an optional 19-|inch (48-cm) rack mount kit. Visit

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