Personalized Weather

Digital Cyclone Inc. has launched a personalized weather service directed to mobile phones. Through a distribution agreement with Motorola and certification by Nextel, Digital Cyclone has unveiled Pilot My-Cast. It allows pilots to dial up animated Doppler radar, view METARs and TAFs along a pilot’s flight path and page through flight conditions, ceiling, visibility, wind, cloud cover, altimeter, temperature and dew point information. The service requires only a Nextel, Java-enabled cell phone. Call Digital Cyclone at 952-974-3303.

Fiber Optic Gyro

KVH Industries, Middletown, R.I., has received a patent for technologies enabling the production of attitude, heading and reference system (AHRS)-grade fiber optic gyros (FOGs) at reduced cost. FOGs produced with these digital signal processing methods would be appropriate for applications from precision-guided munitions to tactical navigation systems. The current KVH DSP-based gyro, DSP-5000, is a low-cost unit with scale factor accuracy of 0.05 percent and the ability to accept data input as fast as 500 degrees per second. Visit

Design-to-Test Software

Interface Technology Inc. (ITI) has released WaveMAKE software for use with the company’s SR-series VXI digital test subsystem. The new software allows engineers to export and import signals to and from a mixed-signal environment, linking the design (simulation) and the physical test environments. The code offers a graphical user interface and templates to simplify the definition and entry of digital patterns for the SR2500/5000/5500. Visit

MEMS Switch

A radio frequency (RF) switch based on micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) is available from Dow-Key Microwave of Ventura, Calif. RF switches are key components in military communications, radar and automatic test equipment, as well as in cell phones. MEMs switches offer small packaging, low power consumption and good electrical performance. The company currently offers a SP2T switch–manufactured by Teravicta Technologies–with a frequency range of 300 KHz to 6 GHz and an insertion loss of 0.1 dB (maximum) at 900 MHz and 0.3 dB at 6 GHZ. Visit

Insulated Heaters

Minco Products Inc., Minneapolis, has announced heaters with PTFE (teflon) insulation, intended for applications where caustic or corrosive chemicals are present. The 0.025-inch heaters resist moist acids and bases. The heaters are designed for operation to 260 degrees C and are capable of power densities of up to 50 watts/_square inch at 100 degrees C. Options include integrated or discrete temperature sensors, special shapes and cutouts and profiled watt density designs. Visit

Coax Cable

Mesa, Ariz.-based Semflex Inc. has introduced RG+ 142, a lightweight, flexible coaxial cable for commercial and military/aerospace applications. The product claims superior transmission line performance than standard RG cable–50 percent better in standing wave ratio performance at 6 GHz–as well as enhanced temperature stability. It is claimed to be 60 percent lighter than standard cable, as well. The operating temperature range is —65 to +125 degrees C. The cable’s outer shield is braided aluminum over aluminum foil; the interior dielectric is an expanded PTFE. Pricing is from 92 cents to $2.70 per foot. Visit

PXI-Based ARBs

Geotest-Marvin Test Systems Inc., Irvine, Calif., has released two arbitrary waveform generators in the PXI format. The GX1200 and GX1201 provide a combination of function generators, arbitrary waveform synthesizers and programmable sequencers. The GX1200 samples at 50 MS/s and the GX1201, at 100 MS/s. The 1200/1201 also provide 10-digit sample clock frequency setting, 1 ppm clock accuracy and stability, 14-bit vertical resolution and 2-megabyte memory depth. The starting price of the pair is $3,250. Visit

Radar Scan Converter

Primagraphics, Charlottesville, Va., has introduced a new radar scan converter card in the PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) format. The Eagle converter card, the latest in the Hawkeye family of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) sensor input and display cards, can convert radar data from three independent sources, displaying the information in up the eight windows. Eagle handles not only continuously rotating antennas, but sector scan, reverse scan and random scan input from phased array antennas. Data can be displayed in PPI format, with support available for A-scan and B-scan formats. Display screens offer 1600×1200-pixel resolution. Visit

Icing Video

Sporty’s Pilot Shop now offers a 55-minute video, titled “Icing for General Aviation Pilots.” Produced by NASA, the video combines research on avoidance, detection and exiting from icing conditions, as well as practical tips. The DVD is available for $5. Visit

Multipurpose Recorder

RGB Spectrum has added a ruggedized tape recording option for its DGx digital recording system. DGx can simultaneously record up to four input signals at up to 1600×1200 resolution, including signals from computer, radar, video, sonar and forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sources, as well as audio. The tape recording option, the ADVCR-101, is manufactured by Sekai Electronics Inc. Applications include the real-time recording of computer-generated images, forward-looking infrared, radar, sonar and unmanned air vehicle reconnaissance video, as well as video monitoring and head-up display symbology in simulation systems. Visit

RF Coax Connectors

A series of quick-change radio frequency (RF) coaxial connectors is available from TRU Corp., Peabody, Mass. The devices are designed to mate to watt meters and other high-power test and monitoring equipment. Priced from $7.50 each, the connector series features a universal panel receptacle and adapter block that interfaces to BNC, C, HN, LC, LT, N, QDS, SC, SMA, and many other front-ends. Visit

TEDS Processor

A handheld computer that allows technicians to read and write to transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) smart transducers is now available from the Electronics Division of PCB Piezotronics Inc., Depew, N.Y. TEDS are mixed-mode, self-identifying transducers. The product reads and writes to all PCB IEEE P1451.4-compliant TEDS sensors. Based on a Palm m105 personal digital assistant (PDA), the PCB Model 400A75 TEDS PDA reads TEDS memory, depicts it on the PDA’s liquid crystal display, and operates in both English and SI units. The computer comes with 8 megabytes of random access memory, communications hardware and installed software. Visit

Cable Markers

Nelco Products, Pembroke, Mass., offers a new line of zero halogen laminated cable markers. The NelcoLAM markers use a UV-stabilized, clear polyester laminate and an acrylic adhesive to protect printed paper labels or hand-written notations. The carriers are available in PVC or polypropylene versions; the latter is recommended for demanding chemical environments. The polypropylene version’s temperature range is 14 to 140 degrees F. Visit

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