RVR Sensor
Vaisala has introduced a new sensor for runway visual range (RVR) applications, the FS11. It uses forward scatter technology, which measures the attenuation of light in the atmosphere by transmitting a light beam and measuring a portion of the light scattered out of the beam when it meets with fog, snow or rain. The FS11’s measurement range is up to 47 miles (75 km). It meets Federal Aviation Administration and International Civil Aviation Organization specifications for visibility measurement in commercial aviation. Visit www.vaisala.com.

Full-Color Oscilloscope
Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash., now provides a handheld oscilloscope–the ScopeMeter 190 Series–with full color and a larger display screen. According to the company, use of contrasting colors makes individual waveforms easier to identify and individual traces easier to distinguish from each other if waveforms are stacked or displayed in close proximity to each other. The new 196C and 199C products provide deeper memory capability (1,200 instead of 1,000 samples in scope mode). The products also provide warnings and onscreen labels in color. And users may choose multiple automatic and manual triggering modes, including a "connect-and-view" mode for capturing signals. Visit www.fluke.com.

Circuit Breaker
A new 9510 circuit breaker simulator developed for flight simulators and other training applications is available from E-T-A Circuit Breakers, Mt. Prospect, Ill. The single-pole switch features plug-in/pull-out terminals for easy installation and replacement without rewiring. E-T-A offers blade-type, screw and wire-wrap-pin terminals. The 9510 has magnetic trip time of less than 25 ms and trip current of less than 200 mA at 28 volts DC. The circuit breaker simulator has a rated life of more than 10,000 operations and a temperature range of —22 to 144 degrees F (-30 to 60 degrees C). The part exceeds specs for 3g vibration and 5g shock. Accessories include labels for 0.5-to-50A ratings, five identification collar colors, two pushbutton color selections, splash covers, lockout rings and actuator rings. Visit www.etacbe.com.

FPGA Module
Acromag Inc., Wixom, Mich., has announced a user-customizable, field-programmable gate array (FPGA) on a standard IndustryPack (IP) mezzanine module. Multiple IP modules can be interfaced to IP carrier boards for VME, CompactPCI and PCI computers. Typical aerospace applications include flight simulators and data acquisition units. FPGAs are general-purpose, high-density logic chips used to store complex algorithms. The IP modules are priced at $795 each. There also is a one-time required purchase of the company’s $200 engineering design kit software. Visit www.acromag.com.

Cable Assemblies
Kaman Aerospace instrumentation operations now offers microwave cable assemblies with integral or insertable, in-line insertion loss equalizers. The equalizers provide an inverse loss equalizer individually tunable to accuracies of less than +/- 0.25 dB at a given frequency. Designed to dissipate absorbed energy as heat, the compact equalizers can be incorporated as an integral part of some Kaman connectors or can be used as an independent, in-line unit for add-on applications. The in-line equalizers are available with the company’s microwave coaxial assemblies or its silicon dioxide cable assemblies. Visit www.kaman.com.

Audio Selector Panel
A new audio selector panel, the Model 300, has been introduced by dB Systems Inc. Designed to be an upgrade for competitive products, the Model 300 features 10 receiver/transceiver inputs, six transceiver/PA mic outputs, and four auxiliary unmuted inputs. The system supports stereo music and stereo headsets, with automatic muting for pilot communications. It can accommodate two pilot microphones (with selectable transmit priority) and four cabin microphones. It also includes a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) output that is compliant with Federal Aviation Administration standards. The Model 300 was designed with quick latching connectors to ease installation and removal. Visit www.dpsystemsinc.com.

High-Temp Adhesives
Tra-Con, Bedford, Mass., has announced five new adhesives from its Application Engineering Group:

  • Tra-Duct 921M01–a 15-minute cure, silver epoxy adhesive paste with a glass transition temperature of up to 145 degrees C.

  • Tra-Bond 223F01–a heat-cured, thermally conductive material that withstands temperatures up to 230 degrees C and also meets NASA outgassing standards.

  • Tra-Bond F202–a high-shear, high-glass transition material with an operating temperature range to 265 degrees C.

  • Tra-Bond 2248–an electrically insulating material, with low water absorption, that can withstand temperatures of up to 190 degrees C and is NASA outgassing-approved. Visit www.tra-con.com.

Rad-Hard A-to-D
Using proprietary radiation-hardened packaging, Maxwell Technologies, San Diego, has introduced a 12-bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter microcircuit that can withstand a 100-kilorad (krad) (Si) total dose. The 9042 A-to-D features a 41-megasample/sec (MSPS) minimum sampling rate; 80-dB, spurious-free dynamic range over a bandwidth of 20 MHz; and 595-mW power dissipation. Maxwell claims the 9042 is the first space-qualified converter specifically designed with a wideband front-end to meet the needs of multichannel receivers. The part comes in a 28-pin flat package and is available with screening up to Class S. Visit www.maxwell.com.

Elastomeric Connectors
New STAX LD-series elastomeric connectors from Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, Pa., are available for board-to-board, flex circuit and component-to-board applications. Comprising alternating layers of conductive and non-conductive silicone rubber, the connectors offer lower resistance, tighter board pitch and lower deflection forces. Typical resistance is 35 milliohms per connection, with 0.5-mm-width circuit pads on 1.0-mm pitch at a board spacing of about 2.5 mm. Visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

Screen Heaters
Dontech Inc., Doylestown, Pa., has announced new VC-series transparent heaters for electronic displays, touchscreens and customized applications. The heaters can extend the thermal range of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), active matrix LCDs and resistive touchscreens used outdoors or in cold storage applications. The product also is suitable for anti-fog, anti-icing and de-icing applications. The heaters are constructed of transparent conductive coatings applied to optical substrates such as glass, acrylic and polycarbonate that are 0.007-inch to 0.5-inch thick. Visit www.dontechinc.com.

Handheld Programmer
A handheld, rechargeable programmer recently announced by Endevco, a subsidiary of UK-based Meggitt Plc, can read and write limited data fields relating to sensor location for integral electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) transducers. It uses the IEEE-P1451.4 transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) format. With the Model 36004 device, users can program TEDS sensor information in large multichannel dynamic test systems. The product operates in five modes: read TEDS, edit TEDS, write TEDS, convert units and fault check. Visit www.endevco.com.

Air Data Tester
Goodrich Corp., JcAIR Test Systems, recently announced a new member of its family of digital control air data testers, which is compliant to RVSM (reduced vertical separation minima). The fully automated MPS-31 was designed for use on all commercial fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. It also is available with optional remote hand controller and/or a battery pack that powers the unit for up to two hours. Visit www.testsystems.goodrich.com.

LED Lighting
Adding to its line of light emitting diode (LED) upwash/downwash, flexible strip and accent mini spot light products, Emteq, Muskego, Wis., now offers a redesigned LED dome light. Recent modifications allow for more intense illumination while emitting less heat and consuming less power. Customers also can use custom plating to enhance the aesthetics of the housing unit. The company’s variable wash lighting, flexible strip lighting, mini spot light and power supplies have been tested to RTCA DO-160D. Among the tests were operational shock, fluid susceptibility and temperature variation. Recently completed applications include customized lighting for curved vanity mirrors and curved galleys. Emteq lighting products are used on Boeing Business Jets, Bombardier Global Express, Challenger and Continental aircraft, Gulfstream GIV and GV, Dassault Falcons and other platforms. Visit www.emteq.com.

Logic Analyzer
Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, Calif., has increased the ability of its 16700B series of logic analyzers to troubleshoot and validate the design of products incorporating Intel’s Xeon processor. An interface adapter allows the logic analyzers to be connected to the Xeon processor with low mechancial and electrical intrusion. The solution ensures that the connection does not corrupt the integrity of the processor. Visit www.agilent.com.

Crushproof Cases
Jensen Tools, a division of Stanley Works, offers crushproof, watertight cases from Pelican to protect small electrical equipment, such as multimeters, cell phones, palm pilots and pagers. The cases are available in various sizes. Visit www.jensentools.com.

What’s In A Name?
Manufacturers of air traffic control (ATC) switches, do not use the word "compact" for a new product; it has been taken–twice. At the recent Maastricht ATC conference in the Netherlands, two companies, Garex Voice Communication Control Systems and Schmid Telecom, introduced new, low-cost voice switches that take the features of existing product lines and make them standard. Garex introduced the Garex 220 Compact switch and Schmid unveiled the ICS Compact switch. Targeted for smaller tower operators, the voice switches are derivatives of expandable systems, the Garex 220 and the Schmid ICS200/60. Since the new products required limited software development and because most features have been made standard, allowing limited customization, the switches can be offered at a lower cost.
The 220 Compact can accommodate a maximum of 16 transceivers, 16 receivers and 24 telephone lines. A digital system, it meets ATS-MFC/R2 Eurocontrol analog protocol standards. It has a distributed architecture, at the "card level," which means that if one card becomes "lost," the processing automatically transfers to another card. Schmid standardized features in its ICS Compact, yet allows customers the option of four panel configurations. The switch has up to 60 interfaces for radio and telephone connections in any ratio and will accommodate a maximum of 20 positions. Schmid designed the voice switch to reduce installation costs by combining the rack and the intermediate distribution frame, thus eliminating wiring between the two units. Visit www.parkairsystems.com and www.schmid-telecom.com.

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