November 24, 2014

NextGen Metroplex Improvements Come to Washington D.C. Region

Woodrow Bellamy III 

[Avionics Today 11-24-2014] The FAA announced its latest Metroplex-related airspace improvement activity under its nationwide rollout of the NextGen program: a new Optimized Profile Descent (OPD) for the Washington, D.C. Metroplex initiative. According to a statement from the agency, the Washington, D.C. airport system is the first Metroplex in the United States to now have three "satellite-based highways in the sky running side by side by side, each dedicated to one of the three major airports in...

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  • FAA Implements Second NextGen Metroplex Project in North Texas

    November 20, 2014 | [Avionics Today 11-20-2014] The FAA announced the implementation of its second completed metroplex program this week, the North Texas NextGen Metroplex project. According to the agency, the newly completed project will save aircraft flying in the North Texas...

  • NASA and Korea Ink Agreement to Further ATM Technologies

    November 20, 2014 | Jaiwon Shin, NASA’s associate administrator for Aeronautics Research, and Jaeboong Lee, president of the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, signed an agreement Nov. 17, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: NASA [Avionics Today...

  • NATS Unveils Real-Time Flight Efficiency Tool

    November 19, 2014 | The Flight Optimization System (FLOSYS) developed by NATS. Photo: NATS [Avionics Today 11-19-2014] Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) are now able to analyze the environmental efficiency of flights in near real-time, thanks to a new...

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