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EvFly Chooses Volatus as Exclusive Provider of eVTOL Infrastructure

Volatus will be the exclusive provider of eVTOL infrastructure and charging stations to enable EvFly’s projects related to advanced air mobility. (Photo: EvFly)

Volatus Infrastructure and EvFly just signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) naming Volatus as the exclusive provider of electric vertical take-off and landing infrastructure and charging stations to enable EvFly’s projects related to advanced air mobility (AAM).

EvFly was founded by a former commercial pilot, Yannick Erbs, to manage and operate eVTOL aircraft. He remarked on the LOI, saying that the main objective of Volatus “is to provide the best tailor-made tools and infrastructure while incorporating the latest technologies for electric charging stations and app support.”

Volatus, which launched in 2021, offers a vehicle agnostic charging station, three main eVTOL infrastructure designs, and an app as well as maintenance programs. The company partnered with Eve Air Mobility late last year to develop an agnostic vertiport automation solution.

“The LOI names Volatus as the exclusive eVTOL infrastructure and charging station provider for EVFLY’s global AAM projects.” (Photo: Volatus)

Earlier this month, EvFly signed another LOI with the Germany-based F.A.S.T. group that specializes in developing eVTOL flight simulators. Through this agreement, the partners will collaborate on AAM flight simulators and pilot training.

Last month, AutoFlight, an eVTOL developer, announced a deal with EvFly. EvFly will purchase 205 of AutoFlight’s Prosperity I passenger eVTOL and cargo aircraft. According to the company, some of these aircraft will be used for operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Volatus is also partnering with eVTOL manufacturer PLANA. Based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed in February, the two companies will work together on eVTOL integration and vertiport development. Grant Fisk, co-founder of Volatus, commented that collaboration is absolutely essential for the success of the eVTOL industry. He sees the present moment as a critical period of planning and preparation for advanced air mobility because some eVTOLs will soon complete the certification process.

Fisk was recently welcomed as a participant in the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) AAM Committee, and Volatus is now a member of the association. Megan Eisenstein, NATA Managing Director of Industry Affairs and Innovation, remarked on behalf of the association, “Volatus Infrastructure is on the cutting edge of practical, agile and scalable eVTOL infrastructure solutions, building strategic industry partnerships, and preparing communities to support a new aviation environment.”

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