Universal Avionics Gets TSO for Touchscreen InSight Display Control

By Nick Zazulia | December 4, 2018
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Universal Avionics’ new InSight display system touchscreen control. (Universal Avionics)

Universal Avionics has received an FAA technical standard order (TSO) for its new electronic flight instrument control display unit (ECDU) for its InSight display system.

The new control display unit, which can optionally be ordered as a touchscreen, combines multiple InSight system functions into a centralized control, including flight displays, flight management system, radios, traffic and terrain. The Elbit-owned UA pitches the combination as saving cockpit space by eliminating the need for additional external panels.

“We are excited to announce TSO approval well within the promised schedule,” said Dan Reida, VP of sales, marketing and support for Universal Avionics, in a news release. “The touch ECDU offers our customers a new option for programming InSight, improving upon the already easy-to-use system,” he added. “It provides a well-sought-after man-machine interface and is a smarter way to utilize touchscreen technology.”

Operators who opt for the touch version of the ECDU still receive a cursor control panel, which UA says allows for more intuitive operation, mixing the touchscreen and the cursor for “point and click” control of the system.

The TSO certifies a minimum performance standard for materials and authorizes Universal Avionics for production. The next step is a supplemental type certification to add the ECDU to a platform, which UA said it expects to receive in the first quarter of 2019.

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