Sukhoi Superjet 100 Displays Shorter Takeoff Ability with Improved Avionics

By Staff Writer | July 10, 2017
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Sukhoi SSJ100

Photo courtesy of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft’s Superjet 100 can take off from short runways, Sukhoi said. Proven during certification, this takeoff ability was tested at Stockholm Bromma Airport.

“Since the beginning of July 2017, Sukhoi Superjet 100 has successfully performed flights to one of the oldest airports of Northern Europe — Bromma,” Sukhoi said. “It has relatively short runway of 1,660 meters, and it is situated within the boundaries of the city, unlike most European airports.”

Sukhoi added that a landing at Bromma only requires the SSJ100 to have some 4,675 feet. This is true, the company continued, even with maximum landing weight.

It was “certain customers tasks” that prompted SSJ100 improvements, Sukjoi said. The customer’s fleet was upgraded with the B100 option, which includes an increased thrust engine with maximum takeoff weight, avionics software optimization and lift device control system improvements. These allowed the reduced takeoff and landing distance requirements.

“Moreover, one of the main demands of Bromma authorities was completely met up with: the noise level reduction for the environment due to the houses situated close to the runway,” Sukhoi said. “The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company, the SSJ100 manufacturer, put into practice the environment noise level not more than 89 Db if measured in three points, in full compliance with ICAO Annex16.”

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