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UAS International Trip Support Unveils Trip-Planning and Weather Solution

By S.L. Fuller | October 31, 2016
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UAS International Trip Support trip-planning and weather service
UAS International Trip Support trip-planning and weather service. Photo: UAS International Trip Support

[Avionics Magazine 11-01-2016] Officially launched at NBAA-BACE on Monday, the industry has a new all-in-one trip planning and weather solution in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) flightevolution from UAS international trip support, the company said. Built on a platform based on web and mobile capabilities, the new solution brings high speed and convenience to the process of advanced global flight planning, weather checking, aircraft performance calculation and in-flight situational awareness.

UAS flightevolution users can run optimized routes based on time, speed and ride quality. A route catalog offers choices to pilots and dispatchers, and weather depictions are easily integrated and available through the entire flight. In the future, UAS flightevolution will also provide Equal Time Points (ETPs), drift down calculations, Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards (ETOPS), runway analysis, weight and balance, reclearances and more.

The new technology can be used globally, with or without data connectivity. It has self-service functionality and the user can view vendor and airport information, services, and pricing.

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