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Cobalt Selects CMC SmartDeck Avionics Suite for Co50 Aircraft

By Amy Kluber | October 11, 2012
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Cobalt Aircraft Industries has selected the Esterline CMC Electronics SmartDeck integrated avionics suite as standard for its new Co50 five-place aircraft.

CMC said the all-composite Co50’s SmartDeck system will include dual Air Data/Altitude/Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS), WAAS GPS and an integrated digital autopilot and audio controller.

(Cobalt cockpit view)

Cobalt’s first prototype Co50 aircraft is now entering the initial phases of its development flight test program, according to CMC.

“The reason we chose SmartDeck can be summed up in one word – simplicity. We have been working to develop an aircraft that will give owner-pilots better speed, comfort, safety and overall travel capabilities than any other single-engine aircraft currently on the market,” said David Loury, founder and CEO of Cobalt Aircraft. 

(Cobalt Co50 aircraft)

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