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Esterline Power Systems

By Jonathan Ray | August 1, 2010
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Featuring LEACH® Power and Control Solutions

Esterline Power Systems manufactures LEACH® electro-mechanical and solid state switchgear for aircraft, space, military and rail applications many specifically designed for severe environments. Known for its design excellence and commitment to quality and reliability, Esterline Power Systems also manufactures electrical power distribution assemblies for commercial and military aerospace applications. It provides lower cost, lighter weight solutions and can design to a requirement, to a specification, for a replacement, or build to a print. LEACH® equipment, such as primary/secondary power distribution units, relay panels and custom equipment, are used on thousands of aerospace platforms worldwide. LEACH® products include:


Military-qualified subminiature and half-crystal can relays for both commercial and military applications are hermetically sealed relays and are available in power handling capabilities from low level to 75 Amps. GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) models are also available.


These devices are designed for protection purposes, including timing and sensing of current, voltage, frequency and phase. They are available in fixed and adjustable AC/DC versions.


The company provides a wide variety of sockets for relays, time delays and rail devices in PC board mount, solder, crimp and track mount styles.


High power contactors, environmentally or hermeticallly sealed, for primary power control range from 25 to 1000 Amps. These units include GFI, smart and busbar mount contactors for modern electrical distribution systems.


Lighted switches, indicators, keyboards, panels and custom modules for aerospace and rail applications are manufactured to stringent military and aerospace specifications. Custom equipment examples include primary and secondary power distribution units, fast-acting changeover units, logic control, load switching and control/protection units.


Computer controllable, FET-based, solid-state power controllers come with integral protection, device/load status and infinite switching life. They provide enabling technology for future advanced electrical power systems including databus compatibility where required.

Esterline Power Systems

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