Southwest Airlines Selects Teledyne Systems

By Tish Drake | February 26, 2010
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Teledyne Controls, of El Segundo, Calif., announced a contract Thursday with Southwest Airlines to provide its LoadStar Server Enterprise (LSE) software and PMAT 2000 Portable Maintenance Access Terminal to support data distribution and loading across its fleet. The airline will use the LSE software along with 30 PMAT 2000 systems to configure, distribute and load Loadable Software Parts (LSP) onto its Boeing 737s at 26 maintenance locations. The deployment of this system was completed in January, Teledyne said.

When used with PMAT 2000 systems, LSE distributes the LSPs to the PMAT 2000 data loader, which loads them into the LRUs, while collecting other aircraft data that LSE automatically returns to centralized servers for engineering review and analysis. With LSE, airlines can transition from manual LSP distribution, based on floppy disks, CDs and paper-based methods, to a paperless and automatic distribution process that maintains the entire fleet’s library files, according to Teledyne.

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