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IPFD for Helicopters

By Tish Drake | March 1, 2007
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Honeywell announced the development of an integrated primary flight display (IPFD) for helicopters aimed at improving situational awareness and reducing pilot workload. The synthetic vision technology development process is expected to last for two to three more years, and Honeywell plans to market the display by 2010. The IPFD will replicate the view from the helicopter’s windshield on a clear day and overlay the terrain image with flight symbols, including icons, indicating the aircraft’s planned flight path, vertical acceleration, radio altitude and potential landing zones. Additional display features will include various colors and terrain shading for different altitudes, obstacle identification, distance-marking range rings, wind vector identification and a top-down aircraft display. Honeywell said the IPFD will use data from the company’s proprietary terrain data base used with its Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System. The EGPWS system provides a terrain awareness map display and alerts pilots to obstacles and hazardous terrain. For related news

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