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By | May 1, 2004
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10-13 Smart Sensor Systems 2004, a course taught in English at Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands. Contact the Sensors Web Portal, phone, in North America, 416-233-4546 or in Europe, +380 322 970 045 or visit www.sensorportal.com/HTML/Education.htm

10-16 ILA 2004 Berlin Air Show, Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport. For more information, phone, in the U.S., 540-372-3777 and in Germany, +49 30 3038 2276 or visit www.ila-berlin.com

15-18 PAMA AS3 Symposium and Trade Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nev. Contact Professional Aviation Maintenance Association, phone 703-683-3171 or visit www.pama.org

16-19 8th European Navigation Conference GNSS 2004, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Contact the Netherlands Institute of Navigation, phone +31 10 498 7518 or visit www.enc-gnss2004.com

17-21 International Advanced Aviation Technologies Conference (IAATC), Anchorage, Alaska. Contact Dave Smith, phone 907-751-7241 or Nancy Schommer, phone 907-271-1337 or visit www.akavcc.org/iaatc2004/


7-8 International Software Radio Conference, The Grange City Hotel, London. Contact SMi Conferences Ltd., phone +44 2078 276 746 or visit www.smiconferences.co.uk

7-11 13th International Flight Inspection Symposium, The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Quebec. Contact Nav Canada, phone 613-563-3938 or visit www.navcanada.ca/ifis2004

14-18 Eurosatory 2004, Paris-Nord-Villepinte Exhibition Center, Paris. For more information, call Daniel Da Costa or Claire Loones, phone +33 1 55 30 70 71 or 90 or visit www.eurosatory.com

14-25 Training Courses, Flemings Mayfair Hotel, London. Courses, sponsored by Helios Information Services, cover the following topics: CNS/ATM and airborne collision avoidance systems (14th); ADS-B, aeronautical message handling systems, and ATC data link communications (15th and 16th); CNS/ATM data link applications, Mode S, and VDL communications (17th and 18th); ATC and area navigation (21st and 22nd); radar surveillance (21st through 23rd); human factors in ATM (23rd); Eurocontrol safety regulatory requirement (23rd and 24th); planning and procurement for ATM (24th and 25th); and aeronautical spectrum management and military data links (25th). For more information, phone +44 1962 735 580 or visit www.helios-is.com

15-16 Inmarsat 2004 Aeronautical Conference, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Headquarters Building, Montreal, Quebec. Contact Sharon Whyne, Inmarst, phone +44 2077 281 740 or e-mail [email protected].


11-15 National Conference of Standards Laboratories International (NCSLI) Workshop and Symposium, Las Vegas. Visit www.ncsli.org/conference/2004/.

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