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By | November 1, 2001
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Flight Data Recorders
A new line-up of flight data recorders, designated the data MARS104 series, is now available from Ampol Systems Inc., Elmont, N.Y. Lightweight and small in size, the recorders can be integrated with Mil-Std-1553, ARINC 429, voice, analog, discrete input/output (I/O), RS232/422 and transport control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) in various combinations. The series is part of a turnkey arrangement in which Ampol provides the hardware, solid state recording media, analysis software and on-site training. Visit

IFE Products
Rockwell Collins has announced new products for in-flight entertainment (IFE): a new screen, in-seat system and software for in-seat e-mail/Internet access.

The company added e-mail and Internet access to its TES (Total Entertainment System) IFE package by incorporating a Windows software platform. The software will operate throughout the system, called eTES. The Web server will run the Windows NT operating system and the passenger-controlled unit will run the Windows CE operating system.

The e-mail/Internet access is in addition to TES’ audio and video on demand (AVOD) feature. Collins delivered the first TES system with AVOD to Lan Chile Airlines on Sept. 25. The South American airline plans to install the system in seven Airbus 340s and seven Boeing 767s.

Collins also expanded its product line for the PAVES distributed IFE system by adding in-seat AVOD for narrowbody, commercial aircraft. The company has developed two installations that take advantage of the digital video disk (DVD) medium. One configuration places the DVD source under the passenger seat, leaving the airline to manage content changes. The other is a personal video configuration in which the DVD player is mounted in the seat console, allowing the passenger to select and play the DVDs.

Finally, Collins has developed a retractable, 10.4-inch (26-cm) liquid crystal display (LCD) that will serve as a monitor for Boeing single-aisle aircraft. It is a direct installation replacement for the Collins 8.6-inch (21.8-cm) retractable LCD. No modification is required. The display, part of PAVES, will be installed beginning in early 2002. Visit

Motion Feedback Card
Data Device Corp. (DDC), in Newbury, UK, recently added the SB-36200IX to its line-up of motion feedback cards. The new designation includes four-channel synchro/resolver-to-digital and two-channel digital-to-synchro/resolver cards. Measuring and simulating synchro and resolver signals, the commercial off-the-shelf products apply where control feedback data is critical. It features an optional power oscillator that supports 2, 26 and 115 volts root-mean-square (Vrms) from 7 to 57 kHz. Visit

Liquid Crystal Display
BarcoView recently unveiled a new 20.1-inch (51-cm) rugged, liquid crystal display (LCD) for network-centric computing. Referred to as the RTC 251 Thin Client, the display includes a traditional client server network architecture in which all application processing is done at a dual- or multiple-redundant central computer. The Thin Client is upgradable and incorporates an application-specific expansion slot (ASES) which allows for customization and expansion. Visit

Cabin Communication
Matsushita Avionics Systems (MAS) introduced at the recent World Airlines Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition its Inflight Communicator, a suite of software applications that provide corporate aircraft passengers with in-flight communication, in-seat e-mail, mobile text messaging, in-seat faxes, seat-to-seat messaging and e-greetings. The system features a universal screen keyboard that can accept touch screen, handset controls and handset telephone keypads (similar to mobile phones). Initially, the Inflight Communicator will only send messages from the air; the receive function will be added later. The system’s air-to-ground messaging is designed to be satellite link-independent, according to an MAS release, and it can work with narrowband and future broadband satellite services. Visit

DVD Player, Control Panel
A new miniature digital video disk (DVD) and modular control panel recently were introduced by Baker Electronics. The DVD player can play disks from all regions of the world, including audio or video CDs, super video CDs and MP3 CDs. The Mini-MRDVD-DB is 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) high, 7.25 inches (18.4 cm) wide and 8 inches (20.3 cm) deep. It can be used as a stand-alone player or be controlled by Baker’s MH cabin management system through MHS membrane-style switches, MHL liquid crystal display (LCD) switches, modular switch panels, MHT touchscreen or MHR handheld remote control.

The modular passenger control panel series, called the MH Elite, includes six designs that can be customized to coordinate with the cabin interior of corporate aircraft. The switches on the panels are a hybrid of MHL LCD and MHS membrane styles. The panel includes dedicated switches and menu-driven switches. The MH Elite, too, interfaces with Baker’s MH cabin management system.Visit

Heat Shield
The Zippertubing Co., Los Angeles, offers a self-closing, wrap-around heat shield called Heat Wrap. Designed to withstand sustained temperatures of up to 300 degrees F and short exposures up to 450 degrees F, the Heat Wrap is made of aluminized fiber glass and a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Heat Wrap sizes begin at 3/8-inch (0.96-cm) widths, with lengths to 150 feet (45.7 meters). Visit

LED Lighting
EMTEQ is expanding is line of light emitting diodes (LEDs) to include reading lights and dome lights for business and air transport aircraft. The company designed the reading light to replace older adjustable lights that use incandescent or halogen bulbs. Its maximum current draw is 200 milliamps (mA) and maximum weight is 0.05 pounds (0.023 kg). EMTEQ designed the dome light to illuminate the center aisle, headliner, lavatory and table. It has the same current draw and weight of the reading light. Visit

Network Server
Pentar Avionics, based near Seattle, Wash., has announced a new airborne network server, called JetLAN XP, to provide real-time access to the Internet, e-mail, corporate portals, intranets and ground-based data files. It also will support wired or wireless cabin networks. Designed for the corporate aircraft market, the JetLAN XP offers file sharing among passengers, printer services, presentation viewing by groups, modem sharing and up to 60 gigabytes of storage. Visit

Power Controller
Amphion, Wilmington, Mass., now offers its new solid state power controller, designed to protect sensors, wiring and 28-volt DC data buses against shorts to ground, shorted sensors and overloads. It is a plug-in component that is made to provide better protection than a circuit breaker. It detects a fault current pattern and is designed not to be fooled by inrush surges or other types of current peaks. Visit

On-line Resource, North East, Md., has launched a new on-line information resource designed to facilitate modification work on corporate and private aircraft. The service provides free listings of all modification centers–along with details on each center–and all suppliers to the modification industry. Upcoming features on the Web site include a feedback section on products and services and a section that helps aircraft operators secure the best quotes from completion centers. The site is

Wiring Analyzer
The Peak Group., in Letchworth Garden City, UK, is the sole provider of the new RWA 1500 wiring analyzer from Cabletest Systems. The analyzer was designed for use in harsh environments, which means it is shock-resistant and weatherproofed. In addition, the carrying case for the RWA 1500 includes an automatic air pressure equalization valve for use in high altitude. Battery power is available for 12, 24 or 28 volt DC testing. Visit

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