Avionics Handbook
Avionicon Inc.
announced the release of The Avionics Handbook, a publication that provides coverage of avionics, including elements, processes and typical systems. It presents examples of modern systems on military and civilian aircraft, and discusses ARINC and RTCA standards, as well as Federal Aviation Administration and Joint Aviation Authority regulations. Visit www.avionicon.com on the Web.

DVD Reproducers
has introduced a new generation of DVD reproducers, available in both in-seat and head-end versions. They are fully plug-and-play compatible with existing Hi-8mm video systems. There are no tape heads to clean, so preventative maintenance is not required. The systems are designed for a mean time between failure (MTBF) rate of 20,000 hours, versus 5,000 hours for tape-based systems. Qatar is the first airline to install TEAC in-seat DVDs in its new Airbus 340/330 fleet. Configured to fit first class and business-class seats, TEAC's slot loading in-seat player includes MPEG-2 digital video quality and clear sound with choice of videos, games, shopping or personal audio CDs. Passengers can control the start and stop of movies and select the language of their choice. The front loading design also limits passenger abuse and reduces damage from spills. For more information, send e-mail to Al McGowan, [email protected], or visit www.teac-recorders.com on the Web.

In-Flight Data Communications
recently introduced its AT/AGT.02 Aria series of in-flight, data-based communications system. With built-in modem and RS-232 port on all systems, passengers on business aircraft can connect their laptop computers and handheld devices. The systems also will interface with most multifunction displays. The data communications can involve sending and receiving e-mail, surfing the wireless Web, downloading NEXRAD weather, and other information services.

AirCell also has invested more than $4 million to enhance its ground-based cellular sites. As part of the enhancement, the company recently activated a new data center, in Lafayette, Colo., to improve its air-to-ground data link. Visit www.aircell.com.

Digital Test Instrument
Interface Technology
has released a high-performance package (HPP) for its SR2500 Digital Test Subsystem (DTS). With the HPP, the DTS provides digital pattern generation, response comparison and logic analysis for serial and parallel test requirements at data rates up to 200 MHz. In addition, the HPP allows dynamic pattern depth up to 26 feet (8 meters) deep and bidirectional I/O channels, up to 576 channels depending on speed, logic and model. The HPP supports various high-speed communication bus logic standards, including low voltage CMOS, low voltage differential (LVDS), Gunning Transceiver Logic (GTL), advanced graphic port (AGP), PCI and CTT. The SR2500 with HPP has ram-backed pattern generation, multilevel triggering, advanced logic analysis, A32/D32 binary transfer for high-speed test program download, conditional pattern looping and branching, real-time pattern comparisons for pass/fail indication and decision-based testing, and Windows-based control software. Visit www. interfacetech.com.

Model 7593A Accelerometer
Endevco Corp. has released the newest addition to its product line, the Model 7593A variable capacitance accelerometer. Designed to measure vibration and motion, the 7593A is available in small quantities for $275 each; quantity pricing is available to OEMs. This accelerometer utilizes a metal beam capacitive sensor element and full signal conditioning for the measurement of low-level accelerations. The product offers a +2 g full-scale range and +0.5% FSO non-linearity. It has a ratiometric output signal of 1 volt per g at 5.0 Volts DC excitation and low milli-g noise. The unit has an operating temperature range of -40° to 257° F without the need for external compensation. The 7593A features a frequency response of DC to 50 Hz and amplified output for precise measurement. Visit www.endevco.com.

Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc.
(AEA) now offers its new Flightlight Pen, designed to save pilots from using an overhead light when writing information in low-light situations. It is both a flashlight, to illuminate charts and other items, and a pen. It has dual, long-lasting LEDs, which help pilots maintain their night vision, and two button cell batteries. The Flightlight Pen, with the order number ASA-FL-PEN, costs $6.95. Call 800-426-8338 or 425-235-0128.

Semi-Custom Switches
Micro Circuit Engineering
(MCE) has launched a new range of "semi-custom" solid-state switches designed to fill the gap between off-the-shelf components and the more costly fully customized designs. These semi-custom switches handle kilowatt-level powers up to 600 volts. MCE says its approach allows switches to meet a range of specs, varying in shape, size, connection, speed and temperature range. Send e-mail to [email protected] or visit www.micro-circuit.com.

cPCI Card
Apex Signal
, a division North Atlantic Instruments Inc., announced a new high-density intelligent DSP-based synchro/ resolver-to-digital card, the 75SD1 series. This cPCI card provides up to 8 channels of 16-bit resolution, 1 arc-minute accuracy with transformer isolation, or 4 channels of two speeds. It has self-calibration and continuous built-in testing. The 75SD1 series operates over the frequency range of 50 Hz to 10 kHz and provides a tracking rate of 150 RPS at 16-bit resolution. A highly linear, 16-bit digital velocity output also is provided. For more information, send e-mail to Dave Dayton, [email protected], or visit www.naii.com.

Computer Board for Space
Space Electronics
(SEi) has introduced its new, commercially based MASS486, a 32-bit Intel 486 single-board computer, designed to operate in the harsh radiation environment of space. It sustains radiation doses up to 100 krad and temperature ranges from -45ºto 70ºC. To meet the radiation tolerance requirements, the MASS486 uses standard 66 MHz Intel 486 microprocessor die packaged in SEi's patented packaging technology. SEi is part of Maxwell Technologies' Electronic Components Group. Visit www.maxwell.com. 

announced the integration of its SCORE (Safety-Critical, Object-oriented, Real-time Embedded) suite of programming and testing tools with the OSE RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) from Enea OSE Systems. The first phase of integration, which became available in April, merges SCORE with Enea OSE's native Solaris and an NT system called Soft Kernel. A power PC solution was to immediately follow. Run Time Libraries and ARINC 653 compliant partitioning also will be added. The primary purpose of the SCORE IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is to provide an easy-to-use environment for maximum code portability and reusability on safety-critical embedded system projects. The package will generate certifiable code, based on FAA DO-178B and IEC 61508 standards. DDC-I says SCORE is the first IDE to offer multilanguage, multitarget and multihost capabilities based on non-proprietary open system standards. They add that the system addresses the need among project developers to create and combine reusable software components--often written in different languages like Ada and C--targeting different microprocessors, created on different development platforms. For more information, see www.ddci.dk and www.ose.com.

Interconnect Solutions
Tyco Electronics Corp.
has released a six-page brochure entitled "Interconnect Solutions for Aerospace." The brochure highlights the AMP and Microdot products. Tyco calls it "an effective tool to reference the connectors and cable assemblies" that it offers. To request a copy (brochure No. 1308560), phone 800-522-6752, select option 3, or visit www. amp.com/industries on the Web.

Network Time Server
has introduced the NTS-150 Network Time Server, a Stratum 1 network time server that offers users the ability to accurately synchronize enterprise servers, workstations, routers and other important networked devices to within one to 10 milliseconds. Accurate synchronization is essential for many mission critical network operations and applications, and particularly important for network log file accuracy to improve network fault diagnosis and forensics. The NTS-150 derives reliable and secure time directly from the atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellite system and distributes it over the network using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). For additional information, see www.truetime.com.

In-Flight Entertainment Display
Baker Electronics
now offers what it calls the largest TFT liquid crystal display (LCD) on the market for in-flight entertainment. Offering a 21.3-inch diagonal viewing area, the HB2130 display is 2.34 inches (6 cm) deep and provides a 160ºviewing angle. The Baker display, designed to be mounted in the bulkhead or credenza, can present multimedia computer and video images in 24-bit color with a resolution of 1,600 by 1,200 pixels. It has a menu-driven setup of parameters and can display NTSC, PAL, SECAM and analog RGB signals. The screen also is compatible with personal computer cards. For more information, visit www.be-inc.com.

Avionics Cleaning Kit
Prime Products Inc.
has introduced its 1-X-Center avionics cleaning kit, developed especially for military spec connectors used in space, avionics and military applications. This product is sold as Part No. 123A and consists of two inserts and 100 cleaning rods. For further information, phone 413-732-1558, or direct e-mail to [email protected].

Wireless Headset
Air traffic controllers now can be more mobile, unencumbered by cables connected to the voice communication system (VCS). Frequentis Network Systems has developed a wireless headset, using Bluetooth technology. Called the "Wily," the new headset has a Bluetooth chip that takes the information that normally is carried via cable and transmits it on a special frequency to a receiver Bluetooth chip, which in turn gives the information to a computer or phone. To develop the Wily, Frequentis engineers defined the frequency in the international free 2.5 GHz ISM-band (industrial, scientific and medical), and they assured high-quality voice transmission without using plain voice compression. Each audio channel is transmitted using a separate 64-kilobyte channel. The headset includes a hand grip with buttoms for push to talk (PTT) and to accept incoming calls. For more information, visit www.frequentis.com.

TAWS Reference
Aircraft service provider Duncan Aviation, Lincoln, Neb., has just published a 32-page booklet entitled "Straight Talk About TAWS." It provides information on the TAWS (terrain awareness warning system) mandate from the Federal Aviation Administration and how it will impact aircraft operators and flight departments. For a free copy of the booklet, call Duncan at 800-228-4277, send e-mail to [email protected], or visit www.DuncanAviation.com/StraightTalkaboutTAWS.html.

Columbia Research Laboratories Inc.
recently introduced its LMT-50 linear motion tandem transducer (TMT), designed primarily for aircraft and missile control systems. It comprises tadem linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) and probe assembly. Columbia Research Lab's LMT-50 is made of rugged construction; all material is bonded and swaged, including the stainless-steel bore liner. For more information, visit www.columbiaresearchlab.com.

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