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November 1, 2006
PROGRAM UPDATES: Attack-Turkey was expected to finalize its Attack/Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter (ATAK) competition at last month's Defense Industry Executive Committee meeting, but military officials objected to the short-listing of the Denel AH-2A Rooivalk and AgustaWestland's A129... Read More »
August 1, 2006
U.S. Army aviation is fielding upgraded aircraft--and keeping watch on its funding. WITH COMBAT OPERATIONS IN SOUTHWEST ASIA ONGOING, THE CHALlenges of unmanned aerial vehicles before them, and a major modernization of the rotorcraft fleet under way, leaders of U.S. Army aviation have their plates... Read More »
July 1, 2006
Sikorsky Taps Schweizer Again, Now to Speed Production Sikorsky Aircraft is turning to its Schweizer Aircraft subsidiary to help it speed military aircraft production lines as it prepares to deliver more than 1,700 H-60 Black Hawk and Naval Hawk variants to the U.S. military alone in coming years... Read More »
June 1, 2006
Insurance Tumult Means Consumer Gains, Problems for Safety Initiatives Insurance companies will soon be fighting for helicopter operators' business, driving premiums down and pumping more underwriting dollars into the market, according a top aviation insurance broker. Larry Mattiello, president of... Read More »
May 1, 2006
U.S. Army Juggles LUH Schedule, Pushes Back Award The U.S. Army has changed its delivery schedule for the Light Utility Helicopter from six aircraft planed for delivery in Fiscal 2006 to two, with 22 to be delivered in Fiscal 2007. The service also has pushed back a decision on which... Read More »
April 1, 2006
The Army modernizes its helicopter fleet with evolutionary improvements in more of the same. With ongoing combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, counter-terrorist missions around the world and an unpredictable but steady rate of calls to support civilian disaster-relief efforts, U.S. military rotorcraft... Read More »
March 1, 2006
'Revitalization Project' Aims to Boost Military Helo Safety, Survivability A new U.S. rotorcraft industry task force is seeking measures to improve the survivability of helicopters in combat in the near term and increase the safety and reliability of all helicopters in the long term. Dubbed the... Read More »
February 1, 2006
Vendors to Line Up for Slice of USMC Heavy-Lift Pie Sikorsky is focused on nailing down by June its strategy for choosing key subcontractors to build a new U.S. Marine Corps heavy-lift helicopter, having secured contracts for that potential $18.8-billion aircraft development and production... Read More »
November 1, 2005
At Fort Rucker, the U.S. Army is introducing the networked simulators that lie at the heart of Flight School XXI. THE FIRST STUDENT AVIATORS FULLY immersed in the U.S. Army's Flight School XXI began training last month and this month start flying their new, high-fidelity simulators. With more time... Read More »
September 1, 2005
Bell Beats Boeing, Aims for ARH Deliveries Next Year Bell Helicopter plans to start delivering Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter to the U.S. Army starting next year. The U.S. Army picked Bell in late July to build its next-generation armed reconnaissance and scout helicopter. Plans call for the... Read More »
July 1, 2005
New Center Offers Firefighting Training The U.S. Forest Service, NASA and the University of California at Davis are teaming up to bring a new level of sophistication and effectiveness to training air crews and mission managers for aerial firefighting. Along with representatives from private... Read More »
May 1, 2005
The U.S. Army updates aircraft survivability equipment and reconsiders airborne weapons for full-spectrum military operations. The U.S. Army has so far lost about 15 helicopters to a mix of high- and low-technology air defenses in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Late-model man-portable air defense... Read More »
April 1, 2005
Dutch National Police Cancellation Digs Deeper Hole for MD Is the Dutch national police's cancellation of a contract for seven MD902s the final nail in MD Helicopters' coffin? The Netherlands interior minister on March 1 canceled the National Police Services Agency's contract for the helicopters... Read More »
January 1, 2005
MILITARY Boeing Demonstrates Unmanned MD530F Boeing has conducted its first autonomous flight of an unmanned MD530F, designated "Unmanned Little Bird," as a demonstration of a system designed to show control of fully autonomous flight for helicopters in the MD530F weight class. The program was... Read More »
January 1, 2005
MILITARY Army To Convert 96 More AH-64As to Longbow The U.S. Army is delaying the Block III upgrades for the Apache AH-64D Longbow, but will convert an additional 96 AH-64As to AH-64Ds. The conversion program is intended to flow AH-64D models to three Army National Guard battalions and a single... Read More »
January 1, 2005
Bell/Agusta Delivers AB139 to Aga Khan, Wins Irish Order Bell/Agusta Aerospace Co. delivered the first of four AB139s to the Aga Khan Development Network, which will use them to support construction and operation of three campuses of an international university in the mountains of South and... Read More »
November 1, 2004
Two Army programs develop technology and tactics to network helicopters and UAVs in Manned/UnManned teams. The U.S. Army believes Manned/UnManned (MUM) teams can enhance the survivability and effectiveness of battlefield helicopters. Planners envision an Apache co-pilot gunner, protected by... Read More »
September 1, 2004
As Iraq and Afghanistan have shown, the National Guard is an integral part of Army aviation. However, as the experience of one Guard unit shows, integration with the active-duty Army is still sorely lacking. Fortunately, plans are afoot to change that. Herewith is a preview of what's being planned... Read More »
July 1, 2004
Finmeccanica Acquires GKN s AgustaWestland Stake GKN has divested itself of its 50-percent share of AgustaWestland, selling out to Italy s Finmeccanica. The agreement would make AgustaWestland a wholly owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica by year s end and could be worth $1.9 billion (Eurowatch, pg... Read More »
July 1, 2004
Although not considered the major showcase for helicopters, this air show will still see the industry well represented. Without a doubt, Farnborough is THE major air show for the international aerospace industry for any given even numbered year. It is not, however, THE major show for the world s... Read More »
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