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March 01, 2012

Question #10 What is the speed of the Internet connections?

ANSWER: A: Data speeds will depend on the AVIATOR system/service used in addition to many…

March 01, 2012

Question #12 Can you use your Blackberry, iPhone etc. for calls? If so please explain how. If not, why?

ANSWER: Yes, smartphones, such as iPhone and Blackberry can be used provided they are Wi-Fi…

March 01, 2012

Question #8 With the Wi-Fi, how do you substantiate the interference with the other systems in the aircraft?

ANSWER: Via adherence to guidance provided by an FAA Wi-Fi issue paper and subsequent Wi-Fi…

March 01, 2012

Question #19 How do you get a cell call through the AMBE channel? Is it an internet VOIP call without using the service provider for the cell phone?

ANSWER: It is not a VOIP call. Your Wi-Fi equipped cellphone will see the Thrane…

March 01, 2012

Question #9 Were does Aero H and H plus fit in this product line, if at all?

ANSWER: AVIATOR 700 offers both Classic (2 H+ voice/fax/data and 1 H+ packet data) channels…

March 01, 2012

Question #31 What is the cost of a standard STC?

ANSWER: There is no “standard” STC. Supplemental Type Certifications will vary in cost to complete.…

March 01, 2012

Question #21 What do you mean the Ethernet connectors can be a challenge? Do you use Quadrax?

ANSWER: Since you are crimping four (4) wires at once it’s easy for one to…

March 01, 2012

Question #32 Why is it then required to install a cockpit Wi-Fi inhibit switch if the aircraft has been tested for the maximum power of WLAN 4W?

ANSWER: Since the airline crash 6-7 years ago leaving JFK caused by the IFE system…

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