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October 01, 2013

System Design: The Rest of the 787 Story

A NTSB photo of the burned auxiliary power unit (APU) battery from a Japan Airlines…

July 01, 2013

Editor’s Note: Reader Mailbag

I love reader feedback — good and bad. I see the amount of correspondence I…

July 01, 2013

System Design: Solving Long-Term Digital Data Storage Problems

The real beauty of digital technology is how simply large amounts of data can be…

June 01, 2013

System Design: Fixing the 787’s Batteries

 Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is a complex design and massive engineering task that few people can…

May 01, 2013

System Design: Value of Inductive Parts in Avionics Design  

Few electronics design areas benefit as much from the use of inductive components as the…

March 01, 2013

System Design: Effective Avionics Backlighting

Typical turn-key lighted panel design from Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing (AEM), Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, includes digital…

January 01, 2013

System Design: Mysterious Noises Re-Visited

Many years ago, I put together an index of airframe problems and published it as…

November 01, 2012


UAS in the NAS I had occasion to read Emily Feliz’s Editor’s Note in the…

November 01, 2012

System Design: PED Situation on Aircraft

This topic has probably ignited more discussion among the air traveling public than lost luggage…

July 01, 2012

System Design: Death by Tin Whiskers

At our home and office, we recycle everything we can. I have converted our lighting…

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