Trend: Electrification & Sustainability

Ampaire’s Hybrid-Electric Demonstrator Performs 1,135-Mile Nonstop Flight

Ampaire, the hybrid-electric aircraft developer based in Los Angeles, announced completion of a successful 1,135-mile-long nonstop flight with its EEL demonstrator aircraft. The company claims that this journey is the single longest nonstop flight performed by a hybrid-electric aircraft. The EEL, piloted by Elliot Seguin, flew a total distance of 1,880 miles from Camarillo Airport […]

Embraer Outlines Electric Propulsion Vision with New Energia Aircraft Concepts

Embraer executives launched their new Energia family of four aircraft concepts in various configurations that will be use electric and hydrogen-powered propulsion systems during a live-streamed unveiling ceremony on Nov. 8 from its headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Development of the Energia family aircraft is still in its earliest phases for Embraer, which […]

LaunchPoint Debuts New Hybrid Power Solution to Extend Drone Ranges

Aircraft are at a disadvantage when it comes to battery-powered solutions because current battery technology puts significant strain on an aircraft’s payload capacity. LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions, Inc., a company focused entirely on electric propulsion for aircraft, is looking to hybrid systems as a solution to this problem, Michael Ricci, LaunchPoint CTO, told Aviation Today. […]

Jet It and JetClub to Become Launch Customers of Bye Aerospace Electric eFlyer 800

Jet It and JetClub, two sister companies that operate unique new fractional ownership models in North America and Europe, have become the launch customers for Bye Aerospace’s all-electric twin-turboprop, the eFlyer 800. First unveiled by the Colorado-based electric aircraft maker in April, the eFlyer 800 is being developed to feature a 500 nm range with […]

GE Aviation & Safran See Sustainability as Key for Next-Gen CFM Engine

GE Aviation and Safran launched a program to develop the next generation CFM engine with sustainability as a top goal. The two companies have partnered on a development program, RISE, which will test advanced technologies to create more sustainable engines with lowered emissions and higher efficiency. “The aviation industry has been a leader in developing […]

Archer Debuts First eVTOL Demonstrator, Maker

The electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) company Archer debuted its first demonstrator aircraft, Maker, during an immersive event in Los Angeles, California on June 10 where they used movie production technology and a 2,400 sq ft XR volume space to simulate the aircraft in flight. Maker, which will function as a certification testbed for […]

Eve Aims to Bring its eVTOL to Brazil with Helisul Partnership

Eve Urban Air Mobility and Helisul Aviation have formed a partnership to create an urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem in Brazil for Eve’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, according to a June 7 press release from the company. The partnership will start with a proof-of-concept operation for eVTOLs using helicopters and include an […]

eVTOL Certification: Where Are They Now and the Challenges that Still Lie Ahead

There are questions about how realistic the predictions are concerning the commercial launch of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in the next three to four years. While there are many factors that will determine if these timelines prove accurate, certification from regulatory bodies will be the deciding factor. At a panel discussion during […]

Wisk and Blade Form New Urban Air Mobility Partnership

As part of a new partnership with Blade Urban Air Mobility, Inc., Wisk Aero will operate 30 of its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft on Blade’s U.S.-based network of dedicated terminals, according to a May 5 announcement from Wisk. The partnership also includes the creation of a new working group to engage technology […]

Honeywell Showcases Enabling Technologies in Development for Urban Air Mobility

While some companies are investing in creating urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft, Honeywell is looking towards technologies like radar, fuel cells, and flight simulators to mitigate gating factors to the industry. Honeywell presented some of these technologies in a tour of their UAM Lab during an April 21 virtual call with reporters. “In order to […]