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BBJ MAX 7 Unveiled

By Juliet Van Wagenen | November 4, 2016
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Boeing’s BBJ Max 8, on which the BBJ Max 7 is based
Boeing’s BBJ Max 8, on which the BBJ Max 7 is based. Photo: Boeing Business Jets

[Avionics Magazine 11-04-2016] Boeing Business Jets has unveiled the BBJ MAX 7, the newest addition to the BBJ fleet. The BBJ MAX 7 has a range of up to 7,000 nautical miles and features LEAP-1B engines that reduce fuel burn and emissions.

The BBJ MAX 7 inherits all of the features of the already launched BBJ MAX 8 and BBJ MAX 9, including an updated flight deck, improved aerodynamics, reduced noise profile, and fly-by-wire spoilers. Boeing Business Jets has 11 BBJ MAX 8s on order, one BBJ MAX 9 and has already seen strong interest in the BBJ MAX 7, stating that the company is in active discussions with more than 10 customers.

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