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Diesel Engines Gaining Steam for General Aviation

By | August 13, 2014
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Diesel Jet Engine
Engineered Propulsion Systems Vision 350. Photo: Diesel Technology Forum

[Avionics Today 08-13-2014] Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, believes the general aviation industry in the United States appears to be reaching a new diesel evolution phase. Several major aircraft and engine manufacturers recently entered the diesel revolution by announcing the development of new diesel aircraft engines, including Cessna, Continental Motors, American Champion Aircraft, Lycoming and DeltaHawk Engines.

“The manufacturers are reporting the new diesel engines have lower fuel consumption and increased range and better performance at altitude — some very significant improvements that are being welcomed by the general aviation industry. The industry is also facing an increased scarcity of 100 low-lead avgas, not only in the U.S., but also in the European and Asian markets where diesel fuel is readily available,” said Schaeffer, who believes that widespread adoption of diesel engines throughout the industry is imminent.

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