Lufthansa IFE System Awarded EASA STC

By Tish Drake | July 12, 2012
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EASA issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the installation of Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect in-flight entertainment (IFE) system onboard Condor aircraft. Condor will be the first European airline to offer its passengers a wide range of video and audio on demand as well as other content during a trial period on board a Boeing 767-300.

BoardConnect wireless IFE system consists of a server with a 3G modem and five access points in the cabin. Passengers can access content using their own laptops, tablet computers, smartphones or any other WiFi-enabled device. BoardConnect can be installed overnight or during regular maintenance checks, Lufthansa said.

“After having received a Supplemental Type Certificate from both the U.S. FAA and the Australian CASA, European certification was the next important milestone for us,” explains Norbert Müller, Head of Program Management BoardConnect at Lufthansa Systems. “The fact that BoardConnect can now be used in Europe as well sends an important signal to the market that is closely observed by many airlines.”

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