Software Tool Set

Racal Instruments Inc. has announced newWave, a tool set to help implement and use the new Signal Definition Standard, IEEE 1641. It allows signal definition exports into ATML, C++ and other test programming environments and can provide a visual development environment for defining signals based on the new standard. Visit

Bandwidth Support

The Danish firm, Thrane & Thrane, has introduced an add-on to its Aero-HSD (high-speed data) satellite communications system. The new high-speed unit (HSU), TT-5038A, provides an additional 64-Kbit/s data rate to the Aero-HSD, increasing overall bandwidth to 128 Kbits/s. Visit

Density Altitude Thermometer

Sporty's Pilot Shop, Batavia, Ohio, now offers a density altitude thermometer that displays an estimate of the density altitude based on the current temperature and field elevation. Visit

PC Container

New from Otter Products LLC, Fort Collins, Colo., comes the Otterbox 4600, a waterproof, crush-resistant case for Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PCs. The Otterbox instantly ruggedizes Fujitsu ST4000 and ST5000 series PCs. Visit

Maintenance Staffing

Jet Professionals and the Professional Aircraft Maintenance Association (PAMA) plan to launch a Web site later this year that provides staffing solutions for the aviation maintenance job market. The site will allow PAMA members to post their resumes and access career planning information and advice. Visit and

Single-Board Computer

Thales Computers, Raleigh, N.C., and Toulon, France, has released a ruggedized, conduction-cooled version of its PowerNode3, single or dual 1-GHz PowerPC G4 single board computer (SBC). The node is designed for mission critical commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications that need real-time data and signal processing, such as radar and machine vision systems. The PowerNode3 features single or dual Motorola PowerPC G4 7457 processors, each with 2 Mbytes of L3 cache and 2 Mbytes of private static random access memory (SRAM) that are linked by a 133-MHz Avignon host bridge. The PowerNode3 also was designed with connectivity in mind. It features an ALMA2e VME-PCI bridge that allows for 2eSST data transfers at speeds of up to 180 Mbytes/s. The SBC also features dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, four asynchronous EIA-232/422/485 lines that enable multiple networking and connection options, and two PCI mezzanine card (PMC) slots. The board draws 30 watts of power for a dual-processor configuration. Visit

Head-Mounted Display

Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc., a Rockwell Collins company, has introduced its next-generation head-mounted display (HMD), the Sim Eye SR100. Weighing 1.75 pounds (0.79 kg), the display features a color, super-extended graphics array (SXGA) with 1280-by-1024-pixel resolution and a field of view that is 100 degrees horizontal by 50 degrees vertical by 115 degrees diagonal. The HMD also comes with a "clip and go" feature that allows the user to mount the display on the flight helmet or to the ProView headband. The earlier Sim Eye, the XL100A, is used on the U.S. Army's aviation combined arms tactical trainer (AVCATT-A) helicopter simulation system. Collins views the SR100 as an upgrade and replacement for the Sim Eye currently in use. Visit

Box Couplers

Beta Transformer Technology Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., a subsidiary of Data Device Corp., has announced that its single- through six-stub Mil-Std-1553 data bus box couplers have completed qualification testing based on airframe industry guidelines and Mil-Prf-21038. The box couplers use fully screened, military-standard transformers to ensure reliability and waveform integrity in all 1553 applications. The couplers operate over a range of -55 degrees C to 130 degrees C. Visit

Smart Sensor Support

Kistler Instrument Inc., Amherst, N.Y., has developed new PiezoSmart sensor support to help users transition the following accelerometers to full operational status: sensors that are plug-and-play-compliant and those that are compliant with IEEE 1451.4 transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS). Kistler has added the smart sensor option to existing sensor models. New PiezoSmart accelerometers perform with equivalent models. Visit

Microwave Radio Kit

Geneva Aviation, Kent, Wash., has released a microwave radio and accessory rack kit for Eurocopter AS-350 series helicopters. The kit allows technicians to mount any combination of MRC, NuComm, BMS or GMS microwave transmitters and receivers in the helicopter's right or left baggage compartments. The kit also provides room for HD encoders, Pro II receivers, and other equipment. Visit

PXI/CompactPCI Digitizers

New from Acqiris, Monroe, N.Y., comes a trio of 10-bit digitizer products. The DC282, DC252 and DC222 PXI/CompactPCI digitizers offer a choice between front-end input mezzanines with up to 3 GHz of input bandwidth and switchable high-impedance input coupling. The digitizers can be used in various applications, such as high-resolution radar, laser radar (lidar) and semiconductor tests. The digitizers are available with standard, high-frequency or high-impedance front-ends and comply with both PXI and CompactPCI standards. They use Acqiris' proprietary analog-to-digital conversion chip sets. Visit

GPS Receiver

The CMA-4124 is CMC Electronics' newest aviation GPS receiver. The Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec-based manufacturer developed the receiver in collaboration with its subsidiary NovAtel, using NovAtel's GPS narrow correlator technology. BAE Systems North America has selected the CMA-4124 for integration into its precision landing system receiver, which will be installed in C-17s as part of the Globemaster III avionics upgrade program. The CMC product also is designed to support wide area augmentation system (WAAS) receiver certification to TSO-C145a, classes Gamma-3, Beta-3 and Delta-4. It meets or exceeds the requirements of TSO-C129a B1/C1, FAA Order 8110.60. Visit

Light Measurement System

From Gamma Scientific, San Diego, comes the TIA-3000, a new multi-application, transimpedance amplifier system. The luminance, night-vision and general radiometric light measurement system, which was developed under a contract by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, features interchangeable lenses and filters that allow the user to customize the system to the application. Visit

Integrated Platform

Seica Spa, Strambino, Italy, an electronics test solution maker, has launched its new VIVA integrated platform for test applications ranging from product manufacturing to product support. The platform will take advantage of the high resolution and definition of digital technology to deliver precise multiple test strategies. The hardware and software were designed to bring the power and flexibility of synthetic instruments into the test environment without the size and investment of traditional instrumentation, the company claims. Visit

Photonic Hybrid

Phresh Photonics, Agoura, Calif., has released its newest product, a small-footprint silicon quadrant photodiode amplifier hybrid. The SiQu50-TIA is a positioning module that combines a silicon quadrant photodiode with amplifiers to create a light sensing and amplification unit with a diameter of a little more than half an inch. The hybrid unit can be used to determine the location, position, movement and intensity fluctuation of a light beam. The SiQu50-TIA was designed for applications like laser beam alignment, target acquisition, aiming systems and other position sensing operations. Visit

Real-Time Java

Aonix, San Diego, is demonstrating a pre-release version of JRTK, a hard, real-time Java solution. A mission-critical subset of the Real-Time Specification for Java, JRTK can be used in applications, such as network centric warfare and future combat systems. The company claims that JRTK can reach the performance of C and run twice as fast as traditional Java. Visit

Compliance Tester

Elgar Electronics Corp., San Diego, has released its new ABD0100.1.8 Test Suite software package. When used in conjunction with Elgar's SmartWave AC/DC power source, the ABD100 test suite provides a system for certifying products for the Airbus A380. It uses the SmartWave Control Suite software and a library of waveforms to build the compliance test sequences necessary for certification. Visit

AC/DC Power Supply

From North Atlantic Industries, Bohemia, N.Y., comes a new AC/DC VME and general-purpose power supply. The 56SQ1 provides 430 watts of power output and fits in a 6U VME rack. It has an operating temperature range of -55 to 85 degrees C, which the company claims makes it appropriate for military and aerospace airborne and command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I) applications. The 56SQ1 was designed for U.S. Naval Material Command (NAVMAT) compliance. Visit

Modular Computer

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC), Gastonia, N.C., has released its modular tactical computer (MTC), a rugged system designed to stand up to the harsh environments needed for military missions. It offers users a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tactical subsystem that employs PCI mezzanine cards (PMCs) to expand functionality. At its core is a DCP-122 3U CompactPCI single-board computer driven by an 800-MHz IBM 750FX processor. It is packaged in a half-short, five-slot air transport rack (ATR) chassis. Visit

LED Indicator

New from L-3 Communications, Electrodynamics Inc., Rolling Meadows, Ill., comes its ML2030E series light-emitting diode (LED) indicators. The indicator lights have a solid-front, one-piece aluminum housing that provides a watertight panel seal for applications that must withstand harsh environments like avionics systems and test equipment. Visit

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