New Full-Feature 1553 Cards

Ballard Technology Inc. has introduced a new family of PC cards (PCMCIA) for Mil-Std-1553 databus interfacing. The eight CM1553-3 models are now available in a small, portable PC card, but offer features previously found only on large expansion cards. This line of cards provides a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for 1553 operational and test applications, and may be moved and shared among desktop and laptop computers in the flight line, field, lab or office. All models can function as a bus controller, remote terminal, or monitor on a dual redundant Mil-Std-1553 databus without assistance from a host-computer. For info, contact Kevin Christian by phone at 800-829-1553 or 425-339-0281, by e-mail at [email protected], or see on the Web.

Ethernet, Transceiver Samples

Tyco Electronics Corp. has begun to supply initial customer samples of its AMP Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3z standard) and fibre channel pluggable SFP MT-RJ transceiver systems. The AMP MT-RJ system is an end-to-end solution that includes transceivers, connectors, cable assemblies, patch panels, and wall outlets. The SFP transceiver, or "mini GBIC," offers the same functionality as a gigabit interface converter (GBIC), but with a reduced footprint and with a small form factor connector. Contact Lori Hemminger, Tyco Electronics Corp., Fiber Optic Division, 717-985-2305, or direct e-mail to [email protected].

Coaxial Switch Matrices

Dow-Key Microwave Corp. has introduced its model 2301 and 2401 coaxial switch matrices. These bi-directional matrices for ATE, environmental/laboratory test equipment, and programmable patch panels/interconnects applications are configured with up to 10 SP 10T switch assemblies. Each unit provides a solid-state controller with a front-panel, liquid crystal display (LCD) and keypad for manual override and three remote interfaces (RS-232, RS-422 and IEEE-488/GPIB). The system is housed within a 5-1/4-inch-high, 19-inch-wide rack mountable chassis with EMI integrity. For more details, phone 805-650-0260, or visit on the Web.

In-flight Modem Card

AirCell has released a new PCMCIA modem card that enhances the fax and data performance of laptop computers while in flight. The card fits all standard laptop computers and is the first of a series of products designed to improve data connectivity for AirCell customers. The modem card has the capability of maintaining a data stream of up to 9,600 bits per second (bps). The card is retail priced at $249.95. For more on this, phone 888-328-0200, or visit the Website at

Test System Software Revision

California Instruments has released Revision 2.0 of its Harmonics and Flicker test system software suite. The revision boasts completely redesigned software architecture, while retaining the look and feel of the first generation software. The new software provides existing owners of California Instruments’ Compliance Test Systems (CTS) an upgrade path to new test standards without the need to upgrade their hardware.

California Instruments also is offering its AC and DC power products catalog on a free CD-ROM. For further information, contact California Instruments at 800-4AC-POWER or 858 677-9040, send e-mail to [email protected], or visit the Website at

Family of SMA Connectors

Methode Electronics Inc.’s Methode RF Products division offers a new family of SMA connectors. It meets the radio frequency (RF) connector needs of applications, including process controls, PC/LANs, wireless systems, telecommunications, base stations and microwave systems. Available in industry-standard 50-ohm versions, the connectors are offered in more than 40 styles and configurations including crimp, clamp, PC board-mount, chassis-mount, and bulkhead-mount, as well as various standard and custom plating alternatives. These RF connectors are tested for operation across the frequency range of DC to 18 GHz and carry an AC rating of 500 volts, with an insulation resistance of 5000 M. Contact Methode RF Products at 908-688-8000, [email protected], or visit on the Web.

Direct Digital Synthesizer Module

Novatech Instruments Inc. now offers its Model DDS8m 100-MHz quadrature direct digital synthesizer (DDS) module with 48-bit frequency resolution. The DDS8m features simultaneous Sine/Cos and ACMOS/TTL outputs at up to 100 MHz, with RS232 or parallel binary control, external clock input, and master clock output. The standard on-board temperature compensated crystal oscillator is stable to plus or minus 1 ppm. The DDS8m is priced at $575. See dds8m.pdf/ or call 206-363-4367.

dataBlizzard Kits and Cards

SBS Technologies Inc. has six new, high-speed, processor-efficient dataBlizzard computer communications interfaces for PCI, compact PCI and PMC systems. An integrated DMA engine allows dataBlizzard to transport data from any system memory or PCI memory location in one system to a memory location in another system. The DMA engine provides sustained data transfer rates of 80 megabits per second (1.0625 gigabits per second of raw data rate). Each kit includes two cards, a 3.3-foot (10-meter) fiber-optic cable, software drivers, and a manual. Drivers for Solaris, IRIX, Windows NT, VxWorks and Linus are available. For details, visit or phone 651-905-4700 for details.

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