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Get Your Flight Deck Ready

Staff Writer | September 1, 2017

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Get your flight deck ready with the perfect pairing

Industry-leading flight deck hardware and software

Pair the Simphonē Data Link Unit with Satcom Direct (SD) FlightDeck Freedom services to enable operators to monitor cabin and flight deck communications more efficiently.

Simphonē Data Link Unit

The ONLY FAA, CAN and EASA TSO’d System for FANS-1/A over Iridium Capability

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DLU Features
→ FANS-1/A+ capable
→ RTCA DO-178 Level D software certified
→ Compatible with all operational and planned ACARS® and AFIS® Data Link systems
→ Lightweight and compact
→ Requires no cooling, no software setup
→ Installs with a single connector
→ Smallest standalone data link solution available
→ Simphonē DLU uses its own Iridium antenna
→ Compliant with ARINC 618 Satcom Data Unit (SDU)

SD FlightDeck Freedom®

Datalink service that Integrates flight deck and cabin communications

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