Embedded Test Innovations for Aerospace

Free Webcast

Built-in test and diagnostics are crucial to sensing and diagnosing failures — potentially saving lives, billions of dollars in liabilities, and reputations. Aerospace and defense system failures have had catastrophic results, with lives and assets lost; and yet many such events could have been avoided with advanced testing tools and techniques.

Join United Electronic Industries (UEI) for a high-tech discussion of embedded test innovations in a free webinar, which includes: real-world examples and applications, lessons learned, advice and recommendations, and a checklist for testing advanced, embedded avionics and electronics prior to deployment.

Topics covered in the webcast:

  • A checklist for building a successful test and control solution
  • Fail-safe, built-in test, and diagnostic tips and processes to mitigate deployment risks
  • Automatic failure mode analysis information
  • Examine catastrophic failure causes and costs
  • A discussion of diagnostics, built-in test features, detecting wiring issues, avionics test system overlap, solenoid control, sensor reading, I/O interfaces, autonomy and more