Interview With Teledyne Controls President Masood Hassan Pt.1

May 4, 2016

The annual Airline Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) | Avionics Maintenance Conference (AMC) is a forum that brings together some of the brightest minds in the  global avionics industry to resolve challenges with existing equipment and hardware and set technical standards on next generation technology coming into the aircraft cockpits of tomorrow. Among the topics that were heavily discussed during this year’s symposium and presentations were the communications, navigation and surveillance avionics integration aspects of the NextGen and Single European Sky programs, cyber security, aircraft connectivity, airplane health management and aircraft data acquisition, among others.

Big data has been a buzzword across multiple industries that interface with Information Technology (IT) hardware and software in recent years, including avionics as modern aircraft have provided operators with methods for using data emitted about their systems and components to improve efficiency and maintenance. While it is certainly beneficial for airlines and OEMs to be able to capture data about the performance and health of certain components and systems at different phases of flight, some airlines have been overwhelmed by the amount of data emitted from aircraft today. It is also a challenge for airlines to figure out how to use that data and transform it into accurate information that can benefit their operations.

During the 2016 AEEC | AMC conference, we sat down with Teledyne Controls President Masood Hassan to discuss some of the company's most recent activities. In the first part of our interview, Hassan discusses the value of the AMC | AEEC conference and also breaks down some key aspects and elements of airplane health management and how big data plays a role in that.

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