Interview With Teledyne Controls President Masood Hassan Pt. 2

May 5, 2016

In the second part of our interview, Teledyne Controls President Masood Hassan provides his perspective on how Southwest Airlines has used Teledyne's data acquisition technology to overcome the Boeing 737's lack of a Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) to provide more in-depth aircraft health analysis. The discussion gives an overview of how Southwest and Boeing originally adopted the Teledyne technology to improve maintenance capabilities as far back as 2010, and how the airline is still seeing the benefits that technology today.

We also discuss how Teledyne originally introduced technology that would allow operators to wirelessly download data from aircraft on the ground as far back as 1999. At that time, the industry was heavily skeptical of how exactly wireless data downloads would work, especially using the cellular technology Teledyne introduced. Today, nearly half of the world's fleet of in-service commercial aircraft feature the company’s data acquisition hardware.

Hassan also provides an update on the partnership announced by Teledyne and Panasonic Avionics back in October to enable real time in-flight aircraft data transfer technology.

Did you miss the first part of this interview? Click here to watch!

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